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Is Inbox Blueprint a Scam? No. Here Is the Reason Why!

Is Inbox Blueprint a scam or will this email marketing course skyrocket your online business? Is the course worth the price and what will you get?

If you have any questions regarding Inbox Blueprint by Anik Singal, you have come to the right place. I will answer all your questions in this article.

In this Inbox Blueprint, I will also share what's included in this course and how it is supposed to help you to build your online business.

Inbox Blueprint Review - Quick Summary

Product Name: Inbox Blueprint (click here to join)

Creator: Anik Singal

Product Type: Email Marketing Training

Best for: People And Companies Who Want to Do Email Marketing Successfully

Summary: Inbox Blueprint is definitely one of the best email marketing training courses in the world. Thousands of people all over the world have taken this course and their email marketing results have skyrocketed.

Is Inbox Blueprint Recommended? Yes. 

Note: If you prefer a cheaper online business training, you can grab my 4-step guide for making money online here for free.

What Is Inbox Blueprint?

Inbox Blueprint is an online system used for learning and executing campaigns of email marketing. Anik Singal is its CEO. It majors on ways of making money using emails.

If you haven't before heard of email marketing, I recommend checking out my article of Aweber where I explain how you can make money using this strategy.

The Inbox Blueprint program is great for new and experienced Internet marketers. Benefits go hand in hand with one's willingness to learn and put the information into action.

The more subscribers you get to your list, the more the income you will generate. Anik's course explains how you will get more subscribers to your list and how you can turn those subscribers into cash.

Who Is Anik Singal?

Before we write into the details of my Inbox Blueprint review, let me share a few words of Anik Singal who is the creator of this course.

is inbox blueprint a scam

Anik Singal is without a doubt one of the most successful Internet marketers of our time. 

He has been voted among Top 3 Young Entrepreneurs by Businessweek magazine and his company Lurn, Inc. has earned the position on Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Companies in America already a few times.​​

Those are quite amazing achievements. You and I must admit that this guy really knows what he is talking about.

Because of his high expertise and top-quality trainings, he usually charges a bit higher price for his courses than other Internet marketers who haven't achieved similar results like him.

How Does  Inbox Blueprint Work?

To be part of this exciting adventure, you only need to join here for their free webinar.

However, you also need to understand general email marketing techniques. Below are a few steps that Anik will teach you about email marketing:

  1. How to get as many subscribers as possible through your landing page.
  2. Offer your subscribers a gift, then use that chance to collect their email addresses.
  3. Follow up with your subscribers to build a relationship first before you start selling.
  4. Give your list value through product promotions. The products can be your or another person’s. Remember that you don't need to own any products to make big money with email marketing. You can just promote affiliate products to make even +$10,000/month online.

Inbox Blueprint follows the same procedure but provides the user with all necessary requirements for a successful email marketing as a bonus. These advantages include:

  • Helps you to find an extremely profitable market/niche
  • Gives you support to build a landing page and a gift that acts as the lead magnet
  • Provides traffic to your landing page using free or paid methods
  • Make the creation of follow-up emails way easier
  • Helps you to get affiliate products to promote to your email list and make you money.

What's Included In Inbox Blueprint?

First, Inbox Blueprint has been developed over the years. It began with Inbox Blueprint 1.0, but luckily we are living in the generation of Inbox Blueprint 2.0.

This new version is better than the older version in so many ways, but the greatest of them all is that it does most of the work for you. Of course, you still need to do your own part but their training makes the heavy lifting for you.

Inbox Blueprint 2.0 provides for its users all the following things:

  • A step by step video training
  • Full Launchpad access
  • Assignments and tasks to reinforce your learning and helps you to take action.
  • check
    Shows you the best and the most profitable niches
  • check
    +10,000 pieces of content
  • check
    Top offers and programs for affiliate marketers
  • check
    Traffic sources
  • check
    Responsive support
  • check
    Ultimate access to the successful students.

Inbox Blueprint training comes in eight steps; Addiction Meter, The Bait, TYP Method, Email Machine, List Relationship, Payday Secrets, Easy Traffic and Unlimited Success.

These steps will help you build a powerful killer campaign for yourself. Let me explain you one by one how they work.

1. Addiction Meter

This is the first training step. Here, you are provided with 30 niches that have proven profitable for you to make your choice. Do not venture with ‘I want to turn my passion into profit.

This step helps you make fast and accurate niche choices without wasting time in niches that won’t bring you any profit. The lessons from this step include:

  • How to choose the perfect niche
  • It shows you top profitable niches for email marketing
  • Best launch pad niches through research options in Amazon,,, YouTube, and Google
  • How to use Launchpad niches
  • An exercise to decide which email marketing niche to use

2. The Bait

Step two requires you to build a web page where you will collect emails to build your list. This web page is the opt-in page.

There are many tools that you can use to build it but my #1 recommendation for building powerful landing pages is Thrive Themes. I am using it myself and it has generated me awesome results.

In the bait, you will learn the following:

  • What an opt-in page is
  • Opt-in page design
  • Copywriting techniques to provide the best information on your page to improve your email list
  • Creation of an opt-in page that’s easy to convert
  • The difference between a single and a double opt-in page
  • The best converting button colors
  • Creation of the best lead magnet, i.e., the bait
  • A task to create yourself an awesome lead magnet

By the way, if you want to find out how an effective opt-in page looks like, you can take a look at one of my opt-in pages here. It's an opt-in page where I offer you my free 4-step guide for making money online that has completely transformed my own life.

3. TYP Method = Thank You Page Method

TYP means Thank You Page. At this level, you are trained how to monetize your TYP in order to make money as soon as you get your first subscriber. This step makes you stay ahead of many other email marketers.

TYP Method teaches you:

  • The secret behind a Thank You Page that few people are aware of
  • How to deliver the bait you created in step two above
  • How to create a thank you page that will be an envy of others
  • Using Launchpad to develop Strategies that bring the best to your thank you pages
  • How to create a transitional page, but this is optional
  • An exercise to select the best offer and activate your best TYP strategy

You can take a look at my thank you page here to get an idea how they will look like. My visitors will end up on that page after they have opted in for my free gift.

4.  "Email Machine" = Autoresponder

Machines in general will make your work easier. An email machine will help you automate your business sparing you much working effort and time with more profits. 

You can get the system from Aweber, ConvertKit, Get-response or Send Lane that will give you a 30-day free trial.

Personally, I am using Aweber and it's my #1 recommendation. More than for an autoresponder. More than 100,000 online entrepreneurs all over the world are already using it.

Lessons in this step are:

  • Introduction to Autoresponders
  • Ways of tracking all of your clicks
  • Activation of your free Send Lane account
  • Automated broadcasting and messages
  • A task to set up your autoresponder and click tracker

5.  List Relationship Building

This is the most important step of them all. It determines the size of our list. You need to provide your customers with the best subject lines and content to keep them coming back.

Be smart to convince your subscribers that you mainly care about them and not just the money they are helping you make. Stay confident all through.

List relationship training teaches you:

  • How to make your content appealing to your subscribers
  • The number of proportional emails that you can send
  • How to give your promotional emails attracting information
  • Ways of writing emails during launches
  • The best subject lines to guarantee opening
  • Building good relationships with your subscribers
  • Why it is crucial to test emails before sending them
  • A task to use Launchpad and create your automated messages

6.  Payday Secrets

It's one thing to make a living with email marketing but if you learn the secrets of optimizing your emails, you can make a fortune. This step will show how you can create even a massive wealth using email marketing.

This training gives you information concerning payments and improving your relationship with your subscribers. It covers:

  • Tactics and tweaks to drastically increase your earnings
  • Best way to monetize your list as you maintain and build your relationship with the list
  • Using affiliate programs to monetize your email list
  • Top secrets to promoting product launches
  • Event marketing skills
  • Selling affiliate products using Webinar
  • How to add fast action bonuses that increase conversions
  • Offering products of your own

7. Easy Traffic

Your efforts will only bear fruits with traffic. Inbox Blueprint offers you ways to attract traffic to your pages without much hassle.

This steps covers:

  • The productive relationship between time and money. With money, traffic will be earned almost immediately, and with time, the more time you spend finding traffic, the more it is that you will earn.
  • Guest blogging
  • Social media, e.g., Twitter
  • Yahoo Answers
  • Forums
  • Google training
  • Facebook Ads

In the other words, this step will show you the ways to attract traffic for free but also with the paid methods.

I am personally attracting around 80% of my traffic at the moment from Google for free but paid methods can also be extremely effective. Another method that I am using a lot is PPC marketing with Bing Ads.

I have a good friend who is killing it with Facebook marketing. Sometimes he shows me how he spends only $30 in a day and makes $300 with it.

8.  Unlimited Success

This step teaches how you will achieve unlimited success with email marketing. It deals with increasing your skills in delivering the best emails which will increase rate at which your messages are opened.

You will not make big money if your emails remain unopened. Making it through this step gives a go on to scale your business and keep it on track. Click-through rate is another key metric that will determine your success in the long run.

During this training, you are going to learn:

  • The most important metrics to watch and follow
  • How to increase the rate at which your emails are delivered and opened
  • The tricks to prevent your emails from becoming spam

Who Benefits from Inbox Blueprint?

Inbox Blueprint is a wonderful course for anyone who wants to make big money with email marketing. You don't need any former experience to start this course because it will walk you through all the steps that you need to take.

On the the other hand, this course will also be highly beneficial for those of you that are already making money with email marketing.

Let's say that you are now making $5,000/month with email marketing. Even a 30% higher conversion rate will make you $1,500/month more money than now.

Inbox Blueprint helps those that are interested in getting a lovely income with email marketing. Anik Singal provides these people probably the best email training that is available on the Internet right now.

You don't even need to take my word for it because you can watch Anik's free email marketing webinar here.

Pros & Cons Of Blueprint


  • Provides spot-on and detailed training with video training all the way to your successful business
  • Fantastic Launchpad, simplifying the whole process of online marketing
  • Teaches free and paid methods to bring traffic to your page
  • Ensures a fast growth of a monetized list
  • Offers unlimited support for twelve months
  • A time-saving way of creating a successful business down from scratch
  • Lots of practice from the assignments given during training
  • Gives users access to top 30 of the most profitable niches are never failing
  • All content that is needed is written for you.
  • Anik Singal himself offers weekly training
  • Lurn coaches do often live examples
  • Has an impressive support team and members


  • It is quite expensive. However, most customers said it was certainly worth the price because they skills they learned generate them thousands of dollars.
  • It takes time and work to get you rich but the training speeds your success

Inbox Blueprint Reviews And Testimonials

Anik Singal is one of the most influential and successful online entrepreneurs of our time. He has reached millions of people all over the world with his trainings, courses and seminars.

He has partnered up with some of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time. Take a look at for example these testimonials. You can read them also here.

is inbox blueprint a scam

World-Famous coaches and entrepreneurs: Bob Proctor, Robert Kiyosaki and Les Brown are praising Anik Singal and his courses.

The Internet is full of positive Inbox Blueprint reviews.

Actually, it's pretty hard to find anyone that wouldn't recommend Anik's courses. They are always top quality and customers are getting results that Anik has promised.

Is Inbox Blueprint Scam?

You might have seen many scam sites online, but you need to believe that Inbox Blueprint is not a scam. Its founder, Anik Singal assures members that it is possible to make profit within the first month after the training.

As you read above, Anik has won numerous awards over the years. They don't give such awards for scammers.

There is not a single reason to think why Inbox Blueprint would be a scam. The only people that call Inbox Blueprint a scam are the same people who have never even tried this program and are trying to pitch you their own training.

Inbox Blueprint Worth It?

An answer to this questions depends on whether or not you are going to take action after taking Anik's course.

If you just watch through his training lessons, skip all the steps and don't implement anything, the course most likely won't be worth it for you.

Inbox Blueprint requires you to go through all the steps so you will see the results and succeed. Nothing will work unless you do. But if you start implementing the steps, you are able to make big money with email marketing.

Some people may claim that Inbox Blueprint is not the cheapest course available. The old wisdom says, "Try ignorance. It's even more expensive than education."

In addition, if you try to learn email marketing from people who are just making a decent living with it, don't know the best strategies that Anik knows. He is one of the best in the world in his field and can deliver you the best results as well.

Success leaves clues.

What kind of experiences do you have with Anik Singal's courses?

Have you already made money with email marketing?

Let me know in the comments below!

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


Is Aweber a Scam Or Will It Make You an Extra $60,000/Year?

Welcome To My AWeber Review!

Is Aweber a scam? Definitely not! Why would +100,000 successful online entrepreneurs use it all the time if it would be a scam?

In this Aweber review, I show why Aweber is a must-to-have tool for any Internet marketer and online entrepreneur. I hope you find my review helpful and valuable. If you have any questions, you can always ask me in the comments below this text and I will be more than happy to help you out.

AWeber Review - Quick Summary

Name: Aweber


Type: Email Autoresponder

Price: Free 30-day trial available. Afterwards $19/month or depending on the amount of your subscribers.

Summary: Aweber is a must-to-have tool for anyone who wants to do email marketing. I say to people that they can’t afford not-to-have this. You would be leaving so much money on the table if you don’t do email marketing or start using Aweber.

Most people underestimate the power of email marketing and don’t realize that you earn $44 for every $1 that you invest in email marketing.

Is Aweber Recommended? Definitely yes. I am personally a happy customer of Aweber and it makes email marketing easy and effortless. I would be leaving lots of money on the table if I wouldn't be using Aweber. 

Note: If you are still a complete beginner with online businesses and making money online. I recommend that you start first with this step-by-step training.

Aweber Vs ConvertKit Vs SumoMe - Why Is Aweber the Best?

I have also created a video on YouTube where I explain you why Aweber is the best email automation software.

In the video, I show you can use Aweber for automating your email marketing and I also compare it to ConverKit and SumoMe. By watching the video, you understand why Aweber is a superior email marketing tool.

I am sure you will find this helpful and valuable!

What is Aweber?

Aweber is an email service that helps you to build an email list and manage it. It’s often called also an autoresponder because you can automate your email lists and send emails automatically.

aweber get started

          More than 100,000 online entrepreneurs use Aweber to boost their income!

Aweber is probably the most trusted and the most well-known autoresponder in the world. Numerous successful online entrepreneurs recommend it. Even the founders of Wealthy Affiliate (Kyle & Carson, multi-millionaires thanks to online marketing) recommend Aweber without using any affiliate links.

Did you know that email marketing is still one of the most effective ways of making money online? Based on some studies you earn $44 for every $1 that you invest into email marketing.

One of the greatest benefits is that Aweber provides a 30-day full money back guarantee. It means that you can use their services without any risks of losing money.

Why Aweber Works? – 5 Powerful Reasons

I could list 100 reasons why Aweber will make you more money but in this article, I’ll only concentrate on 5 of them so this won’t be a 5,000-word mammoth article.

1.Follow Up Series

When somebody signs up to your email list, you can automatically send them messages by using Aweber. You can set up as many messages as you want. I know some people who have follow up series that are more than 200 messages.

When a person signs up to a list, they send the first message, after 1-3 days another message, after 1-5 days another message and so on. In the other words, you can build a follow-up series that lasts even years. If the email subscriber is interested in your subject, he/she will get lots of helpful information from you over the time course.

At the same time, he’ll also buy your offers and products which will generate you more passive income.

Aweber email builder

Aweber Drag & Drop Email Builder Makes It Easy to Create Powerful Emails.


Broadcasting allows you to send emails to your whole email list immediately. Imagine that you have an email list of 10k people. You don’t need to write 10k separate emails. You just write one email, click your mouse and it goes automatically to 10k people.

I remember watching email marketing training by Chris Farrell. He sent an email broadcast, went to the movies and had earned +$6,000 while watching the movie. Thanks to his massive email list and autoresponder service like Aweber.

If you would like to make money while watching movies, you can also set up Aweber. At the moment I have broadcasts coming for a month. It means that Aweber will automatically send tens of thousands of emails while I am enjoying life in Thailand.

Some of the subscribers will end up buying something so I earn a revenue. A great thing is that my email subscribers will win also because I teach them how to make more money online by providing them tools, tips, resources and support. It's a win-win situation.


Aweber shows you all the relevant statistics regarding your emails. It shows:

  • How many people opened your email?
  • How many people clicked the link in your email?
  • How big percentage of your email list opened it?
  • How big percentage of your email list clicked the link?
  • Etc.

This will help you to determine what kind of emails work best for your audience. You can use that information to improve your title and emails. That will lead to more engagement and $$$ also.

aweber statistics

Aweber provides great statistics that help you to determine your most successful emails. Then just rinse and repeat!

4.Responsive Support

Aweber has always answered all questions that I have asked.

I have always received help and they’ve made sure that I can always contact them again if there’s something that I don’t know.

5.+100,000 Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses Use Aweber

The fact that so many Internet marketers are using Aweber tells you and me that their tools are really helpful and valuable. It also means that they are updating the tools constantly and making them better.

Aweber Mobile App – Shows You Statistics Quickly And Easily

Aweber also has a mobile app that you can easily download and use on your smartphone. Take a look at the image below that shows and explains how it will help you:

aweber Mobile app

Aweber Mobile App Gives You Real-Time Statistics for Your Emails.

Don’t Leave Money on the Table – Start Using Autoresponder!

In my opinion, everyone who has a fair amount of traffic on their website should collect an email list. It doesn’t require much effort but can give incredible returns for the invested time and money.

+90% of your website visitors just quickly visit your site and never come back. However, by collecting an email list, you can get in touch with many of those visitors still in the future. In addition, contacting people through email is even much more effective because you can talk to them directly.

You have an opportunity to build a relationship with your audience which also builds trust. Trust will lead to more conversions and sales if you promote them something that could be valuable to your audience. You don’t even need to be ”selling” because you’re just helping with their needs.

For example, I would be very happy if you would recommend me a product that would help me to build my business faster. I would be more than happy to pay for that. I would be even more happy to that you would earn an affiliate commission because you recommended the product.

Therefore, promoting products to your list that will be helpful for them is good for them also as I explained in my own example above.

Would You Like an Extra 60,000€ per Year?

People have estimated how much money you could earn for each email address in your list. It really depends on the list but we can confidently say that 10 € per email/year is completely possible. Some people estimate that they earn even 30 € per email. If you don’t do so much email marketing, maybe 5 € per email is a closer estimation.

Aweber Money

How Much Money Are You Leaving on the Table by Not Using Aweber?

Let’s say that you have 50,000 visitors per month on your website (that’s completely possible for anyone. If I can do it, you can do it.) Let’s say that only 1 % of your website visitors sign up to your email list. It means that you collect 500 emails every month which makes 6,000 emails per year.

If you earn, for example, 10 € per email/year that would make you 60,000€/year extra income! Not bad, huh?

Of course, we need to remember that those numbers are different with each email list but this really shows you the potential of the email marketing. Some people collect even 5% of their visitors to their email list the income could be even 5 times higher.

On the other hand, 10€ per email per year is a pretty optimistic estimation. Then you would need to learn to become a real guru with email marketing. Anyway, the example still illustrated the potential and the power of the Aweber and autoresponders in general.

My high recommendation is that you wouldn't leave that money on the table but you would start using Aweber today. The only regret that I have with Aweber is that I didn't start to use it earlier. I lost probably thousands of dollars because of that.

However, I am glad that I finally started using it because now it generates me passive income

3 Benefits of Email Marketing Compared to Other Passive Income Sources

I enjoy building new passive income sources and businesses. It feels great to know that you’ll earn money even though you wouldn’t be actively working. Nothing beats a feeling that you’ve been doing something fun during the day and when you come back home at night, you see that you’ve earned nice income during the day.

There are many ways to do that with the Internet marketing but I’ve noticed that the email marketing has clear benefits compared to many other ways. Let me make a few comparisons.

1.Email Marketing vs SEO / Blogging

I make money with blogging. I write articles, they get ranked on Google and drive tons of traffic to my website. However, I have noticed that if I stop writing, over the time course my rankings go down and the traffic decreases.

If I would stop blogging for a year, the value of my blog would dramatically decrease. On the other hand, with the email marketing, I’m able to build a follow-up series that last even 1 year. I can be in touch with my subscribers directly even though I wouldn’t be doing anything actively.

In addition, I don’t lose my subscribers in a way that I lose Google rankings. For example, if you have 10k subscribers and you stop email marketing for 1 year, you still have 10k subscribers and probably much more because new persons sign up to your lists all the time.

Aweber and email marketing

Email Marketing Is Still One of the Most Effective Ways to Make Money Online.

2.More Personal Contact with Your Followers

Compare 2 scenarios:

  1. You read a blog post.
  2. You read a personal email.

Which one has a more personal touch?

One of the greatest benefits of email marketing is that you can directly contact your subscribers. It feels much more personal for most people than just reading a blog post or watching a video on YouTube.

Of course, you can also include your blog post or your YouTube video to the email as well if you want.

3.It’s an Asset That Grows in Value Over the Time Course

This actually applies to many other forms of the Internet marketing. When you keep on building a relationship with your audience, you build more trust. That leads to more purchases and more revenue.

It also benefits in other ways than only in financial terms. You will grow your audience more easily when people trust in you. They recommend your content to their friends, you get invitations, better offers and in many ways, your success accumulates.

It’s possible to make quick money with email marketing campaigns but the most recommended way is to build it for a long term. Some people run their entire businesses with an email list. If you are in the email marketing game for a long run, you’ll achieve great results.

Aweber Pricing – Affordable for Everyone

Actually, I believe that you can’t afford not having Aweber. If you don’t use it, you are just using lots of money on the table.

Aweber has a very affordable pricing if we compare to the value that it provides. I have also compared it to other autoresponders and realized that Aweber has one of the best pricing in the industry.

The fewer subscribers you have, the less money you need to pay. In the picture below you can see the pricing model and tools that are included in the price.

Aweber pricing

Aweber pricing levels. On the right-bottom you can find the chat support.

One thing that you need to keep in mind is that Aweber provides a 30-day free trial. In the other words, you can use Aweber for completely free for 30 without any risks.

Based on my experiences, most people continue using Aweber after 30 days because they realize how much more money it will generate compared to the price.

Aweber vs Mailchimp vs GetResponse

Let me show a few comparisons between Aweber and its competitors.

aweber vs mailchimp vs getresponse


Notice that Aweber uses all-in-one pricing. All of the tools that you see above are included in their membership.

It’s not a coincidence why more than 100,000 Internet marketers are using Aweber. They know that it works and it helps them to generate much more money online.

Conclusion – Is Aweber Worth It?

If you want to make money online with email marketing, Aweber is certainly worth it.

I think that nowadays many people still underestimate the power of email marketing.  The potential there is huge. You can send tens of thousands of emails just by using 30 minutes and an autoresponder like Aweber. Imagine how big your hourly salary would be for writing that email.

One email can generate you thousands of dollars over the time course if you use it in your follow up series.

Your email list is a big asset that becomes more and more valuable when you grow it. Imagine that you start building your email list today and do it for the next 10 years. What would you do with an email list of 100,000 people?

Probably hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. (if not millions!) Of course, that requires work but it's completely possible. And hey, isn't it good to to have big goals and dreams? 🙂

What kind of experiences do you have with Aweber or similar tools?

Have you already made lots of email marketing?

What are your thought of email marketing, in general? 

Let me know in the comments below!

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.