What is Leased Ad Space? Check My 100% Honest and Transparent Review!

What is leasedadSpace

LeasedAdSpace Review

What is leasedadspace

Name: Leased Ad Space
Website: www.leasedadspace.com
Price: Starting from $7
Founder: Richard Weberg
Field: Ads/Traffic.

Overall Rank: 60 out of 100 (Check Out My #1 Recommnedation, 98 out of 100)

What is LeasedAdSpace All About?

LeasedAdSpace is a platform that offers you ad packages in order to get more traffic to your website. More traffic -> More sales -> More revenue. The process sounds simple and that gives them the opportunity market their service easily. But in reality, the process takes hard work and real effort.

Their service is quite new because it started in April 2016 and it seems that they are currently enlargening their business by creating new ads to sell. Now you can buy for example banner ads, text ads and solo ads (=email ads). You may have heard about similar websites like Traffic Monsoon or Fort Ad Pays that are also selling similar ad packages to their members.

Different Packages in LeasedAdSpace

As I mentioned before they have a different kind of ad packages. Cheapest package costs $7 and the most expensive package is $147. Then you have packages for $17, $27, $47, $67 and $87. Let me give you a few examples what you will get with some of these packages (see the picture below).

3 Different packages for $27, $47 and $67.

The more you pay, the more impressions and ads you will get. Logical? For example “Emerald Package” for $27 gives you 20,000 impressions with banner ads, 14,000 impressions with text ads and 1 email every 9 days. Those sound like good numbers for a little money. Let’s say that you could get even 2 sales worth $29/each with your Emerald Package, it would already be a success.

NOTE: According to their website, you can’t buy a more expensive package before than buying a $7 package. Then you must buy new packages one step at a time. I don’t know exactly why they have done it like that but I guess the ultimate intention is to milk most money from the members.

MLM/Affiliate-System in LeasedAdSpace?

I guess that when I start talking about MLM, most of my readers are already frightened. “All MLMs are scams, you may be thinking.” You may have been seen so many MLM-scams that those 3 letters are like cursing in your ears. I have seen tens of MLMs during my life and 0 of them were worth joining. However, let me explain how this referral system works.

What is LeasedAdSpace
The picture shows how much you can earn from your referrals.

Here is how the system works step by step:

1.In order to earn money from your referrals, you need to buy a package first yourself.

2.You refer LeasedAdSpace to others.

3.They join and buy a product.

4.You earn the commission.

As you can see from the picture above, there is a great earning potential in a referral system. But I believe it can be challenging to get new referrals if you are being honest with the product. I have registered to their system but I am not ready to buy their products nor recommend their system to other people.

Below you can see a video which explains how the compensation plan. But I warn you that this video is strongly promoting LeasedAdSpace with a hope of earning money from new referrals.

Why Am I Doubtful about LeasedAdSpace?

Let’s think about how their program is built. The founder built a system that is selling ads for their users saying, “buy ads to get more traffic.” The first member joined and bought a package. A next user saw his ads and was thinking, “Hmm… I want that other people could see my ads too. I’ll give it a try.” Then more people joined with a hope that they could get more traffic with this system.

But who is seeing their ads? Other members! So, your target group is people who are buying ads. Is it a good target group for you? Depends on your niche. But compare to PPC. Then you can target your visitors exactly to those people who are searching your articles.

Of course, LeasedAdSpace may feel like a fast way to big traffic and profits but as we already know that’s only HYPE, not reality in the online world. The reality is that you need to work your butt off in order to make a living online. But it can be worth it because you can live anywhere you want in the world and you can be your own boss.

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Pros & Cons


  • Cheap to get started ($7)
  • Potential to get traffic to your website


  • Ads are hardly targeted
  • The company is only 5 months old
  • Hype around the product
  • The business model is a bit strange
  • No guarantees of any income

My Final Opinion of LeasedAdSpace

I need to admit that LAS seems interesting. It costs only $7 to buy the cheapest package and their referral system seems to give you a potential of earning big income. But still, I am quite skeptical that this system would work well. I haven’t seen any “big dogs” of the online business world promoting their product.

If I have some extra time I may consider giving them a real try and invest a little money. $7 is still only a price of a pizza so even though their system would be a scam, it wouldn’t be a huge loss. In order to earn money with ad packages, you still would need an online business which you are promoting. LeasedAdSpace doesn’t teach you how to build one.

But if you are interested in building your very own online business to generate passive income and work anywhere you want, I highly recommend taking a look to Wealthy Affiliate. They don’t promise to make you rich overnight but they promise to teach you hand-by-hand what steps you will need to take in order to build an online business. Having your own business allows you to do what you love, anywhere you want, anytime you want. I think that’s something to fight for. What about you?

LeasedAdSpace at a Glance…

Name: LeasedAdSpace
Website: www.leasedadspace.com
Price: Starting from $7
Owner: Unknown
Overall Rank: 15 out of 100

Field: Ads/Traffic.

I hope you find my LeasedAdSpace Review useful and it gives you a glimpse what is this relatively new website. I would like to hear if you have experiences of LeasedAdSpaces or any similar products.

If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to leave them below and I will be more than happy to give you a personal response.

By Roope Kiuttu

Hello! I am Roope "Robert" Kiuttu, the founder and owner of YourOnlineRevenue.com. I created this website back in 2015 to help you to make money online. You can ask me anything and I'll be happy to help you out. I help people daily to make more money online and I love seeing people succeeding. If you want to get my 1-on-1 support and help to make money online as well, get started HERE.


  1. Hi, just an update cause it’s been a while

    As a red diamond of LAS … Every time I blast my email campaign I see immediate results and I never have to pay a penny more for any more advertising No pun intended, but it’s a ‘blast’ sending emails every 48 hours and watch real traffic happen FAST. Oh, plus the membership grows providing new leads every time I blast a message.

    I get even more traffic and results from the text and banner ads that are refilled monthly, again without any other payments. .it allows you to test what works and what doesn’t at an extremely low cost.

    PLUS You also have the opportunity to make instant commissions.

    I’m truly a red diamond, you can confirm at the site and also see that I am at the top 50 of all time referrers … Why? Because the program sells itself if you put it in front of the right audience.

    The bottom line is the traffic offered by Leased ad space is so damn cheap AND much better than any paid to click advertising platforms like Clixsense, and revshare companies like MyPayingAds.

    No doubt this is THE best money I have ever spent online for website traffic and if you are still on the fence, I don’t understand why.

    (Left an update so you can hear more about my experiences !! 🙂 )

    May I ask why you are skeptical, how can you be? Monthly solo email ads for a one-time payment of $7 is hard to come by. At only a price of a pizza, even if you do somehow manage to fail using LAS, it wouldn’t be a huge loss at all.

    1. Hello Mrs Ray,

      when you shared your experiences I must say that I became a bit more curious about Leased Ad Space. It may be an interesting way to get traffic. In addition, I found a few positive reviews about LAS on the Internet.

      I decided to buy traffic packages but then I saw that they accept payments only through Payza, Solid Trust Pay or bitcoins. Which one of these do you use? I don’t have Payza or Solid Trust Pay -account because there are tons of negative reviews about those companies on the Internet. They are freezing accounts etc. I have a bitcoin wallet of around $1,5000 but I have never paid anything with it. I could learn it and make a purchase on LAS probably. But first, I would like to hear which payment method are you using?

      If Leased Ad Space appears to be profitable service, I will for sure update my review and promote it for others too. Their “pyramid system” and downlines just look a bit suspicious. I can invest $7 if I know how I can safely pay it. At the moment they are not accepting PayPal or a credit card which makes paying a bit challenging.

      Looking forward to hearing from you again.

      Best regards

  2. you guys should take a look at the group on fb, not the page, the group … everyone is loving it. real results from real people is proven with the comments from that group.

    or just keep guessing it isn’t that great and move on, your choice LOL

    1. Hi Mrs Ray,

      Thank you for your comment. Do you have experience of using Leased Ad Space? Have you got some good results? Or do you know personally some people who have got some results? I am very happy if you got.

      I know that people like to promote their own products in order to get affiliate commissions. That can be one reason that people talk good about a product. I have just seen so many scams out there that I don’t believe them at a first sight. But of course, it can be true that many people are making good money with the help of Leased Ad Space. I would like to hear more about your experiences. 🙂


  3. Hi there,

    yes that’s the main goal of LAS, More traffic -> More sales. Their packages are quite cheap if you compare to some other similar programs. One thing that I’m worried with LAS is that how targeted is that traffic. Even though there would be 50,000 impressions it doesn’t help if none of them is interested in the stuff that you are selling. But if ads are well targeted, then it sounds good.

  4. Hey Roope,
    leased ad space looks good but…
    I dont like the idea of ad and network marketing together, it seems like the Telexfree case..not good at all.
    The other thing I am thinking about is that we dont knoe the owner…I mean, why to hide mi identitiy if I am managing a business…just thinking.
    by the way, this is a really good review of the system, you describe everything very well, thank you for this post.
    Keep the hard work!

    1. Hi Giancarlos,

      You give good points. I couldn’t find the founder and as you say it’s something interesting. I believe it can be found somewhere on the Internet but as you said, why isn’t the owner telling who is he?

      LAS could be a reasonable opportunity but I’m just a bit skeptical with this kind of platforms. PPC-marketing feels more natural to me. But if someone gets more traffic (and revenue) with LAS and other ad systems it’s great.

  5. Leasedadspace is a way to get more traffic to your website. And of course, more traffic, hopefully means more sales for you. Their service is new and their prices are pretty reasonable, their best packages are at $27, $47, & $67 depending on how many impressions you want. Although they do have a $7 package and a $147 package. So it runs the gamut on how much you want to pay and how much traffic you want going to your site.

  6. Thank you for the informative review.

    I have seen Leased Ad Space been advertised a lot lately, and I wondered what type of advertising they were offering, but if it is as you say only to members who join, then the ads are probably not going to bring you in a lot of new leads, as everyone is to busy promoting the company to look at the ads.

    1. Hi Michel,

      I agree with you that LeadAdSpace is not probably going to give very much new leads. I believe what happens with these new products is that when they are launched, many people are excited about a new opportunity. Then many people recommend a new product to others because they are earning commissions.

      After a certain time people start to see what is the product really all about when more and more honest people start to reveal the truth to a big audience. But before that many people have earned their commissions and the founder has become rich. What do you think?

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