What Is Affiliate Marketing Revolution? – A Cheap and Quick Way to Profit Or Another… (SCAM)

What is Affiliate Marketing revolution

What is Affiliate Marketing Revolution? This is one of the most controversial marketing programs today, and it has gotten the attention of a lot of market, both longtime and aspiring. If you read the product description, it makes some bold claims, i.e. teaching the quickest and most effective way to make money online. But we’ve all heard that before, right? So is this any different?

What is Affiliate Marketing revolution
False Promises or a Real Training?

What is Affiliate Marketing Revolution and How Does It Work?

The Affiliate Marketing Revolution claims to be a unique program to help you earn maximum profits from affiliate marketing. This a 12-month course where members learn the fundamentals of affiliate link marketing and the price starts at $19.95 and includes the following.

  • First Module: this consists of 5 videos and shows the proper mindset for affiliate marketing.
  • Second Module: this is made up of 4 videos and covers YouTube and blog analysis and how you can profit.
  • Third Module: How to use affiliate platforms like JVZoo and Clickbank.
  • Fourth Module: using YouTube to make money. There are 7 videos here.

There are other modules that focus on other aspects such as creating an online business, how to use email for marketing, target traffic, and how to use social media for the best marketing.

Other topics covered here are using social media for marketing, how to use affiliate links properly and task outsourcing. The other lessons in the program include case studies of successful affiliate marketers as well as bonus videos filled with tips, suggestions and strategies.

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Who is Affiliate Marketing Revolution For?

Affiliate Marketing Revolution is for those who want to make money from marketing. According to the official website, Affiliate Marketing Revolution is for those who want to know how marketing works without spending hours watching long videos and reading page after page of PDF files. Furthermore, they claim you don’t need any affiliate marketing experience to succeed here, and at that even those new to the field will understand how it works.

The program claims to have simplified the affiliate marketing process. If you have always wanted to try this but were held back by the process, Affiliate Marketing Revolution is a simple alternative.

Affiliate marketing revolution Review
At least they have huge promises…

The Good

  • There is no need to make products and this saves you money and time. This also means you don’t have to worry about shipping or storing inventory.
  • The lessons are available in mp3 or PDF format, so if you prefer to read or watch videos, both options are available.
  • The lessons are arranged progressively, so by the latter lessons, you will be equipped to handle more complex strategies.
  • Upon signing up, the first lesson is delivered immediately.
  • You don’t have to worry about customer queries, refunds or delivery issues.

Affiliate Marketing Revolution looks good, and there are certain benefits that will be derived from it. But that doesn’t change the fact there are a lot of things which are fundamentally wrong with the program.

The Bad

  • You get weekly lessons for the entire year, but the information is not revolutionary in any way. The methods, techniques and strategies are similar to what you come across in other affiliate marketing programs on the Internet.
  • Contrary to what the Affiliate Marketing Revolution says, it’s going to take a while before you see results, if at all. The reason is the strategies used are no different from others. In fact, you’ll be doing a lot of hard selling which turns a lot of people off.
  • The video tutorials make some glaring omissions in the training. It doesn’t cover article SEO, copywriting and sales pitches, all of which are fundamental to affiliate marketing. If you have any dreams of becoming a successful Internet marketer, these aspects cannot be ignored.
  • The big payouts mentioned are fake: you’re not going to make more than a few dollars here.
  • Tons of Fake Positive Reviews: Affiliate Marketing Revolution uses fake positive reviews to promote its services. If you’re wondering why this practice is so prevalent, it’s because they only earn when someone clicks the “buy” link. So naturally they say only positive things about the product to encourage you to click.
  • The claim that you only need to work 3 hours a week for the program is not true. You can work only 3 hours a week on Affiliate Marketing Revolution, but you won’t earn commissions.
  • There are aspects of the program that only advanced affiliate marketers can understand. Beginners will have a hard time going through them.
  • The program doesn’t take too long to set up, but don’t expect any large profits.

I also have to point out the marketing strategies it uses for Facebook marketing are generic. That is, they’re the same as any you’d find online. I also have to say that the outsourcing of tasks doesn’t actually reduce costs but increases it. The program also suggests you use a huge amount of ads to generate traffic. That isn’t a bad thing, but too much of it isn’t going to help your site at all.

The bonus videos are worthless. The information contained there are nothing you haven’t heard of before, and the “experts’ rehash the same stuff over and over. If you’re going to pay for this service, you expect to at least hear something new or revolutionary, but there’s nothing.

My Final Opinion of Affiliate Marketing Revolution

Affiliate Marketing Revolution is not entirely a scam, but it isn’t going to revolutionize the online marketing world either. Online marketing schemes are a dime in a dozen and this is one of those, long on promises but failing to deliver. I have tried a lot of affiliate marketing programs and can say there’s nothing here that will bring you consistent profits.

One affiliate marketing program that I found highly effective is Wealthy Affiliate. They don’t promise a shortcut to success, but they will teach you how online marketing and digital businesses work. There are lots of tutorial videos, guides, free membership and no upsells. If you’re interested in how real affiliate marketing works, check out Wealthy Affiliate.


What is your the best affiliate marketing training in your opinion? Leave a comment below!

By Roope Kiuttu

Hello! I am Roope "Robert" Kiuttu, the founder and owner of YourOnlineRevenue.com. I created this website back in 2015 to help you to make money online. You can ask me anything and I'll be happy to help you out. I help people daily to make more money online and I love seeing people succeeding. If you want to get my 1-on-1 support and help to make money online as well, get started HERE.


  1. The one thing that I have learned these days, is to read the fine print properly before you decide to sign up.

    The second you mentioned to me that these guys are making false claims of higher earnings, my guard goes up and I walk away.

    I would have liked these people to at least offer a trial, to show us what the whole platform is all about, before we decide to commit.

    I would rather have a look at your Nr 1 recommendation. Thanks for the heads up on this.


    1. Hi Roopesh,

      yeah, if somebody is promising something that’s not true, it’s a big red flag. Most scam artists are full of lies which is sad.

      Have a look at my Nr 1 recommendation. It’s a legit program which has helped many people to make a living online. It doesn’t promise easy money but if you are willing to work, it can make you financially free.


  2. Glad that this one is not an outright scam. There has been plenty of them already. I would have check it out had I not already a member of Wealthy Affiliate. I learned everything I needed there and don’t see any need to hop here and there.Focus is the key to success.

    1. Hi Kenny Lee,

      I totally agree with you that focus is the key to success which also applies to building an online business. There are so many distractions online that can easily take a person away from reaching online success. “Should I try this, that and this…” But eventually not achieving anything worthwhile.

      A better approach is to focus on one or two things and become very good on those. After mastering that thing, then move to the next one. Wealthy Affiliate’s training is definitely enough for online success.


    1. Hi Ingrid,

      I hadn’t heard about it before but I took a quick look and it looks fine. However, there are not many reviews about it on the Internet so I don’t know if people are liking it or not.

  3. Thanks for sharing, I indeed agree with you where Wealthy Affiliate is concerned, they never miss a payment for the more than 12 years they existed. They are transparent, they deliver what they promised, and the community that they offer gives you price less information we could not afford. I have been around and I have joined a few Affiliate programs in the past and I literally gave up, until I stumbled across Wealthy Affiliate.

    1. Hi Collin,

      Thank you for pointing out those key qualities of Wealthy Affiliate. It tells something about WA that they have never missed a payment in 12 years!

      Kyle, the founder of WA, always tells that he has never seen somebody failing on affiliate marketing who didn’t give up. On the other hand, he has seen many people who didn’t see quick results and gave up. The most important thing in affiliate marketing is that we keep on learning and going forward. Little progress every day adds up to big results.


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