5 Ways To Earn Money Online

There are countless different ways to earn money online. I’m going to introduceMoneyFromLaptop 5 of them which are

1.Online Surveys
3.Affiliate marketing/ads
4.Selling your own products
5.Freelancer services

Let’s go to more into detail


1.Online Surveys. There are many online surveys on the internet. Different companies want to have information from clients and this is a practical way to get it. You will get paid for answering the questions.

I have tried several different surveys and in my experience, it seems that you don’t really make enough money with online surveys. The money they pay isn’t sufficient for the invested time. I think that something like 5€/hour is the maximum you can get with surveys. If you find a way to earn more with the surveys, let me know.

One example of the big survey sites is Toluna with 8 million members

2.Investing is probably one of the most common ways to make money online.

There are many ways to invest your money online. You can buy for example stocks, bonds or precious metals. Then you hope to get some interest for your money investments.

In practice, you can invest by registering to stock trading site,
deposit your money there and start investing.

I believe that investing is very natural and clever way to use the money. If you want to earn by investing I recommend you first to study this a bit for example by reading The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham or Building Wealth in Stock Market by Colin Nicholson. (Recommended by the world’s most successful investor Warren Buffett.)

3.Affiliate Marketing/Ads. 

In a nutshell, this means that you advertise other people’s products in different places on the internet. You can, for example, advertise Amazon’s products and when someone buys it, you get a commission from that.

The great benefit of affiliate marketing and ads is that its passive income. It means that you can get revenue despite are you working or not. You can earn 1 000€ even when you are sleeping!

The most efficient way for this is probably through your own website. (How to build a website) If you don’t know anything about creating a website or affiliate marketing. You get 10 FREE lessons how to make money online and 2 FREE websites today from this link. I have used learned A LOT in those lessons so I can fully recommend.


4.Selling Your Own Products

You can write a book, create a course or sell your other products at  an online store. Selling a book is also a great way to generate your passive income.

When you once have written a book you can get revenue even after 10 years. Compare to normal 9-5 work where income will stop flowing right away when you stop working.

If you are interested in writing a book you can start by taking Brian Tracy’s 20-step author quick start guide. Brian Tracy is the authority of self-development and has written over 60 books himself.


5.Freelancer services. On the internet, there are many sites where you can offer your skills for money. For example, some people may ask you to write a blog post for their site and pays you some money for that.

You can also work for example as a web designer or make advertises for different companies.

Here are some sites where you can try this Freelance writing

The downside here that this way you are not generating passive income. When you work, you earn but when you stop working, you stop earning.

In all of these ways to earn money online, the positive side is that you can make money literally everywhere in the world.

My Personal Recommendation

If you want to learn more about making money online I recommend registering to Wealthy Affiliate. It’s a community where you get FREE coaching from people who have already succeeded making money online.

Start your journey to online revenue today!


  1. Hi) I think you should try Xplace site. There you can find different types of works, from the most easy, without certain skills, to professional level, you can choose what you like. And hourly pay is higher than on similar sites!

    1. Hi Irina,

      Thank you very much for the idea. I will take a closer look and make a review about Xplace. At first look it looks similar to Upwork and Fiverr.


  2. Hi there, excellent tips. I am with WA too! Great tip on investing. I am not very good at this and its an area I want to try. I will look at the book you referenced. Thanks again. Btw – Very refreshing theme!

    1. Hello Christina and thank you for your comment!

      If you are more interested in investing there are many great books about the theme. Here is another very famous book by Joel Greenblatt. Click here

      I have seen the common mistake people do with investing is that they invest without educating themselves. Then they lose their money and say that investing is risky ;). But I believe that you can do it better!

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