TruVision Health Reviews [Misleads To Using Toxic Products?!]

Read My Comprehensive TruVision Health Reviews & Learn How Company Misleads People To Use Toxic Products Resulting In Cancer. Commissions Only 7%. Click Here.
Read My Comprehensive TruVision Health Reviews & Learn How Company Misleads People To Use Toxic Products Resulting In Cancer. Commissions Only 7%. Click Here.

Welcome to my TruVision Health Review!

There are many people who became interested in earning income by means of promoting weight loss programs.

That’s what I discovered recently after reviewing a lot of them. In the past few months, I realized how far the health and wellness niche have come when it comes to making money.

In many TruVision Health reviews on the search results, the majority talked about the recent lawsuit filed against them due to misleading their target market in various means. From there, it’d be a bit hard to promote a company with such a background.

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TruVision Health Review - Quick Summary

Name: TruVision Health

Founded: 2013

Type: Direct Sales Company

Price: $42.95 and up

Best for: People who wanted to shed some pounds off of their body and live a healthier lifestyle by means of following their weight loss approach. That is in exchange for the commissions from referred customers, who’ll undergo the same diet plan and lose weight as the referrer.

Read My Comprehensive TruVision Health Reviews & Learn How Company Misleads People To Use Toxic Products Resulting In Cancer. Commissions Only 7%. Click Here.

Summary: TruVision Health is a Utah-based direct sales company that’s offering weight loss program as well as others to encourage people to live a healthy lifestyle alongside the products to offer, which plays a role in the process among dieters.

Is TruVision Health Recommended? No. I’ll tell you the details in a bit. For now, it’s best to learn how to make a legit income by clicking the green button below.


What is TruVision Health? 

TruVision Health is a Utah-based direct sales company founded in 2013 by a man named Derek Bailey. It’s not only selling weight loss program as others I reviewed these days.

Its structure is similar to Amway of some sort since it’s also offering essential oils and other categories that belong under health and wellness niche.

During its establishment nearly 6 years ago, its flagship product TruFix became a hit, which is a beverage to promote healthy blood chemistry by improving metabolism and at the same time, weight loss.

After its success, TruKeto and Non-Glycemic Chocolate followed in the mainstream and became available in the market. 

How Does TruVision Health Work?

Its similar company, LifeVantage, works the same as TruVision Health does to its target market. They have diverse programs to offer aside from the weight loss itself.

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Based on their official website, their products are divided into 3 categories, namely: Core, Complementary, and Essential Oils.

TruVision Health Reviews Products-min

Featured products of TruVision Health based on popularity


Products under this category provide fuel to the body from the natural ingredients in which the following products can compensate:

  1. truCONTROL
  2. truFIX
  3. H+H


Under this category, TruVision Health products provide extensive complementary targeting various benefits for its consumers. These comprise the following:

  1. +MEND
  2. SimplyCLEAN
  3. truSLUMBER

Essential Oils

Like most of the direct sales companies, they provide options for their client's need for access to essential oils. In TruVision Health, they can get the following therapeutic scents under ByNature Essential Oils:

  1. Bergamot
  2. Clear
  3. Spruce

According to one source, the notable products this company produces contain an excessive amount of caffeine as seen in Excedrin, an over-the-counter medication.

Also, they also claim to implement re-hydration in most of its products resulting in cleansing or flushing of the toxins in the body. 

The odd thing is, albeit its promotion of natural ingredients present in the products, they contain sucralose, which is a component in artificial sweeteners and sugar substitute.

Although it doesn’t contain calorie, when ingested way too much, it could lead to toxic reactions inside the body.

How to Make Money with TruVision Health?

Since it’s a direct sales company, earning money by promoting its programs and products are clearer than most of those I reviewed in the past few days. With that being said, you’re going to receive weekly payouts based on the generated referrals you made.

Further, you’ll also have monthly payouts comprising the Unilevel and Matching bonuses, as well as Preferred Customer Commission, Bonus Pools, and Eight Plus Star Bonus. For Retail Difference and FastStart, these will be paid every week and will be based on at least 100 PV generated in your account.

Weekly Payouts

TruVision Health Reviews Weekly Payouts-min

This is how TruVision Health weekly payouts look like.

Monthly Payouts

As for Preferred Customer Bonus, Bonus Pools, and Eight Plus Star Bonus, they follow the following percentages:

TruVision Health Reviews Monthly Payouts 1-min

Summary of the monthly payouts apart from the unilevel bonus stipulated above

TruVision Health [UGLY] Truths Revealed!

1. 2017 FDA Lawsuit

The fact they faced a serious issue regarding some of its products resulting in misleading their clients is something you should consider.

According to the US Food & Drug Administration, they acknowledged the misbranding and the unapproved drugs present in their products namely: truWeight & Energy Gen 2, Ubiquinol, Omega 3, Pycnogenol, reNU, and trueElevate.

Within these items, the report stipulated the disapproval of usage due to the intention of curing, mitigating, and preventing disease. 

2. Dangers Of Sucralose

Sucralose is only present in artificial sweeteners and sugar substitute in which the experts warn for its overdosage. Once it happens, the body is at risk to its toxicity.

HealthLine mentioned that excessive amounts could harm the metabolism and overall health such as an increase of blood sugar levels by 14% and insulin levels by 20%.

Also, it puts your body at risks to cancer, especially if you add it in baking due to its exposure to heat. There are more problems other than these. 

3. Ineffective Weight Loss 

This happens when one of the active ingredients in the products is sucralose. It’s not only its taking part in blocking the weight loss properties, but it also increases the blood sugar and insulin levels, which are supposedly lowered to ensure losing more weight.

4. No Car Bonus

What I noticed with the TruVision Health compensation plan is the absence of the car bonus. According to a source, this luxury isn’t identifiable as a con for a direct sales or Multi-Level Marketing company. However, it’d be a great motivation for members to strive harder if this reward exists in the company.

5. Lots Of Complaints

Another thing I realized while I did my research is the massive number of complaints filed against the company.

TruVision Health seems to fail most of their members when it comes to the ineffectiveness of their products and their compensation as well. Not including the troubles in their customer service.

What I Like About TruVision Health?

1. Diverse Products

Among its strong competitor, Advocare tops the list. I reviewed the company and it has indeed similar programs particularly their 24-day challenge in which the clients joins to do the 10-day cleansing to control appetite control and boost energy levels. Likewise, TruVision Health does the same with its products and programs.

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Its diverse products and products allows their clients to choose which of these they will make use for their own active and healthy lifestyle. 

2. Diverse Compensation

Unlike most of the companies I reviewed, TruVision Health has a diverse compensation plan in which you can take advantage.

To ensure making more income, you have to make sure you refer more people in your account. Aside from that, it’s not only they provide non-monetary rewards, but they also give away both weekly and monthly payouts in commissions based on the personal sales you generated.

TruVision Health Reviews Payouts Compensation-min

Invitation page for potential members or affiliates to partner with TruVision Health

3. High Retention Rate

According to a source, there seems to have a high number of people who keep their loyalty to the company albeit the recent lawsuit and other inevitable issues.

Just so you know, it’s common for this industry to have people come and go due to various reasons. However, it isn’t the case for TruVision Health.

4. High BBB Rating

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) record shows their A+ rating despite the number of complaints filed on the platform. From there, it proves the legitimacy of the company and its products and programs.

For a brief background, the above-mentioned platform doesn’t release such rating if TruVision Health failed to satisfy them with sufficient records, including the background of the executives.

5. Positive Feedback On Products

When I hover to the Google search results, there are many reviews pointing out the positive ratings to TruVision Health products and programs.

In fact, Dietspotlight wrote, “While no clinical research demonstrates TruFIX and TruCONTROL can produce the result the company claims, the reviews and reports on how well TruVision works are mixed at about 50/50.”

In addition to the report, there are many satisfied dieters proved that these aided them in losing weight.

TruVision Health Reviews - What Others Say About It?

There are many opposing reviews about TruVision Health as a whole. If we refer to most blogs tackling the pros and cons of their products and programs, there’s a clear balance between the two sides of the coin.

As I mentioned earlier, there are cons with using the products particularly putting your body in chaos due to its sucralose content and other non-identifiable ingredients claiming to be natural and organic. 

However, the US Food & Drug Administration said otherwise. Based on the report, they found out that there are some contents which may lead to harmful consequences to users.

From there, it’s like the company tries to put you in invisible blindness and uses your desperation for a healthy lifestyle and weight loss for the sake of earning an income.

TruVision Health Reviews Products Combo-min

Some of the most popular TruVision Health products in combo offer

Albeit the loyalty of most employees and members, these hard facts could also induce second thoughts for most of the prospective members. 

On the contrary, the diversity of the products, including those intended for external use i.e. essential oils, can be a great experience for TruVision Health consumers. Especially to those who seek an extra income from it.​

Regardless, they stay true to its purpose and keeps their reputation though they are a relatively new company.

Is TruVision Health Legit Or Scam?

Based on the research gathered in this post, there’s no doubt that TruVision Health is a legitimate company. It’s not a scam either.

They are true to their mission of helping others to live a healthy lifestyle and lose weight by means of using their products. 

However, their recent lawsuit highlighted the fraudulent activities for the sake of luring their clients to buy more thinking these aid in their healthy life. That could affect their reputation, which seems contrary to what I thought they would be.

TruVision Health Reviews BBB

Better Business Bureau record summary for TruVision Health

Although they are new in the industry, they already received 57 complaints on the Better Business Bureau plus the 2017 lawsuit filed by the US Food & Drug Administration.

To decide whether to join the company or not, it’s up to you. What I gathered here are all based on the facts and the decision to make an income from TruVision Health lies on your hands. If you have second thoughts, read the next section. Roope has something for you.

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Now that I shared my thoughts in my “TruVision Health Reviews” post, it’s time to turn the table and ask about your experience, in general.

What kinds of experiences do you have with direct sales? Are they worth your time, money, and effort?

Do you prefer to begin earning your first passive income through affiliate marketing or you rather invest your time, money, and effort to direct selling as TruVision Health does?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

If you need any help to get started making money online, don't hesitate to ask in the comments below and we'll be happy to help you out! 

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