Why 5 Top Internet Marketing Books Are Scarier Than Tyra Banks?

Why These 5 Top Internet Marketing Books Are Scarier Than Tyra Banks? Learn Top 5 Best Books From Experts: Russell Brunson, Seth Godin, To Name A Few. Read More
Why These 5 Top Internet Marketing Books Are Scarier Than Tyra Banks? Learn Top 5 Best Books From Experts: Russell Brunson, Seth Godin, To Name A Few. Read More

Welcome to my "5 Top Internet Marketing Books" Review!

Why do you these 5 top internet marketing books are scarier than Tyra Banks? Is there anything or something that goes scarier than her? Yes, my friend, there is. You’ll know that in a while.

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If you want to replicate that, stay through the end of the post. Let’s delve into these 5 top internet marketing books to read to bolster your business. Shall we?


What Are The 5 Top Internet Marketing Books You Must Read? 

Among thousands of the best-selling internet marketing books, you could find on Google, there are only 5 top internet marketing books that we highly recommend. Why is that so?

Internet marketing doesn’t solely rely on website traffic alone. Underneath the surface, it’s a combination of the vital ingredients working together for optimal results. From there, we base the lessons each book brings to you, a learner, should uphold.

5 Top Internet Marketing Books Content Image 1

Gary Vaynerchuk, simply known as Gary V, has become synonymous to social media marketing today. (Photo credits to owners)

1. Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook By Gary Vaynerchuk

Published in 2013 under HarperBusiness, Gary Vaynerchuk dissects the fundamental lessons of how a business owner see social media as an essential tool to boost traffic and/or sales.

Within the 224 pages, you learn the 6 valuable lessons that help in bolstering the strategies for optimal outcomes.

1. Different Content For Every Platform.

This means you can’t have the same post content on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or YouTube. In every social platform, there is a corresponding format or strategy that’s more effective in that specific account. You can’t simply copy and paste the content from one social media account to another.

2. Don't Interrupt The Content.

If you are an avid fan of listening radio programs, I am pretty sure you’re familiar with how the radio DJs do their thing. They interrupt the music playing with a senseless or unnecessary advertisement for the sake of making money for the radio station.

This isn’t a good thing for content marketing. If you notice how irritated you are with the ads on YouTube, that’s how it works in today’s marketing, which you shouldn’t do if you want to build your brand.

This is why most companies turn their attention to utilizing bloggers to promote their products. Instead of using ads, they pay bloggers to create content related to the product they’re promoting.

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3. [Content] Doesn't Make Demands.

As the famous adage says, “Customers don't like to be sold; they like to buy.” You have to merely show the truth about a service or product or whatever you want to promote to your audience.

Don’t force them into buying it. Let them decide to buy it without questions because they see as worthy enough of the money they’re paying.

4. Leverage Pop Culture.

To ensure you’re ticking your audience’s attention, you have to understand their language. And that’s pop culture.

If your audience is into K-pop fandom, learn it and use it as a tool to promote your product. Simple. In fact, you can include that in your blog post title, for example.

5. Think Of Your Content As Quick Shots Of Information.

Relative to the previous point about different post formats across various social media platforms understand that on a specific social media account, there is the length of content which is useful, but not for the other one.

For most platforms, except YouTube, you have to have 1-minute reading time or watching time. For YouTube, you can go over 10 minutes if you like to. But this doesn’t work on Facebook or Instagram.

If you want to monetize your YouTube account, I recommend this tool for you to use.

6. [Content] Is Consistent With The Brand.

If you use teal for your brand, you make sure you use the same color for the rest of the materials you use when you promote it.

Which is why it’s vital for every business owner to design an iconic logo to represent their businesses. Even the font color, style, size, everything that represents the brand, it should be consistent because this serves as your identity from a customer’s perspective.

5 Top Internet Marketing Books Content Image 2

Russell Brunson shares how creating a tool that's going to help a lot of people brings fortune. (Photo credits to owners)

2. DotCom Secrets By Russell Brunson

Creator of ClickFunnels, Russell Brunson made his fortune from scratch by creating a system that’s going to help hundreds of thousands of online entrepreneurs across the globe. Based on his own experience, he wrote a book, “DotCom Secrets,” which you can get for FREE.

So, what are the DotCom Secrets he’s trying to teach you? It’s about learning how to convert those users from a simple passerby to a loyal fan employing the strategies like sign-up forms or banner retargeting, etc.

You utilize a different set of tools to hook your readers to get into the email list for future offers. That’s how simple it is.

5 Top Internet Marketing Books Content Image 3

Known for his book, "Zero Limits," Joe Vitale believes in hypnotic writing to convince consumers into purchasing. (Photo credits to owners)

3. Hypnotic Writing By Joe Vitale

If you think this isn’t related to internet marketing and isn’t considered a space in the list, you’re wrong. Learning about Hypnotic Writing plays a significant role in your copy or in conversion.

Once you know what ticks your audience based on the writing you published, for example, it will eventually lead you to an increase of sign-ups or sales in whatever you’re offering to your market.

You use the provoking words or the specific words that provoke emotions in your reader. Once you do, their subconscious mind tells them to have your program or service thinking they need it.

Certainly, you can’t take advantage of their vulnerability to make money. What I mean is to use Vitale’s strategy in convincing your audience using hypnotic writing and eventually increase sales.

If you repeatedly implement the system and master it, you uncover the secrets of most copies do to lure consumers into purchasing. You can watch the video below to learn more about the strategy from Joe Vitale himself.

5 Top Internet Marketing Books Content Image 5

Seth Godin is one of the gods in internet marketing particularly in utilizing emotions to lead people into purchasing whatever you have to offer. (Photo credits to owners)

4. All Marketers Are Liars By Seth Godin

Published in 2005 with 240 pages, Seth Godin shook the internet marketing world with his 3 essential questions for every marketer.

1) What's your story?

2) Will the people who need to hear this story believe it?"

3) Is it true?

According to him, "Stories make it easier to understand the world. Stories are the only way we know to spread an idea. Marketers didn't invent storytelling. They just perfected it."

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Aspects of a great story are what matters in every content marketing strategy. The immense purchasing power of someone relies on how strong the emotions are to that something he or she wants to have.

The epitome of delivering a great story for advertising is Apple. Steve Jobs and his team did a terrific job on marketing Apple as a technology that aids in making people’s lives comfortable, stylish, and seamless.

Further, Godin divided the overall concept of “a great story” in 9 principal views:

1. Great Stories Are True.

For Godin, to possess truth in the content, the writer or the marketer has to be factual, consistent, and authentic in relaying the information about the brand, product, program, or service that a company or a private individual has to do.

2. Great Stories Make A Promise.

You can’t sell something authentic if the product by itself isn’t real. In Your Online Revenue Ltd, whatever we suggest you doing works because the strategies or recommendations are the exact ways we do to succeed in our endeavors.

Roope earned $3,000 in one day through this FREE program, and it’s real. Godin tells you the same thing.

3. Great Stories Are Trusted.

Similar to the previous point, you have to build authority and give your members or target market a sense of imperative to get them doing to achieve results.

That is if you try to sell a program. Whatever you come up to make money, before you sell it, you have to be a trusted person, an authority enough to enforce them to pay or to buy your products. Got it?

4. Great Stories Are Subtle.

Godin said, "The less a marketer spells out, the more powerful the story becomes." I remember Robert Kiyosaki noted this in his best-selling book, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” wherein he said that if you ever come up with a product to your customers, don’t tell everything.

Never disclose everything to your potential clients to leave them hanging to your course, for instance. Leave them a short preview of what you know, but never tell them everything. Leave that within your book or your course, if you plan to create one. That’s the #1 rule in business.  

5. Great Stories Happen Fast.

[The] first impression is far more powerful than we give them credit for. It happens when content marketers engage the consumer as soon as they land on the page,” one reviewer wrote.

This is what Godin tries to tell us in the realm of internet marketing (in its truest form). We have to leave our users an impression of us wherein they think we’re an authority, trying to dominate the world even if we are a small company. Remember, your users only have a 2-minute attention span. So, make use of it.

6. Great Stories Don't Appeal To Logic But Often Appeal To Our Senses.

This is about emotions. "People don't buy products; they buy stories," Dan Lok repeated that in many of his videos about sales. This is very self-explanatory.

7. Great Stories Rarely Aimed At Everyone.

Focus on a specific audience and let that group spread the story for you. Otherwise, you can’t make a sale. Why?

You are to select and dominate a niche. You can’t just go around with a lot of people with different interests trying to sell them your product. Indeed, it doesn’t work that way.

Although you have this small number of people, as long as they know you and your program, it’s enough. Talk specifically to them and learn their needs. Let these people spread the word for you to generate traffic or sales you want.

8. Great Stories Don't Contradict Themselves.

Everything we think is new is actually not. It's been there. So, smart content marketers use that truth to convert members or users to become a customer.

All we need to do is to agree with what they generally believe in and use it as a means to sell or market something.

9. Great Stories Agree With Our Worldview.

You don’t have to make your target audience feel adverse to market your product. Make the members feel smart and secure, reminding them of how great they are, by using the product you just created.

Do you think you’re going to buy something from me after insulting you? I don’t think so.

What if I tell you that you have high potential but lack direction except when you buy my program?  How about that? Would you buy that?

Sure, you will.

5 Top Internet Marketing Books Content Image 4

With an editorial background of 25 years, Ann Handley decided to write the book to serve as a guideline or a Bible of some sort for internet marketers of today. (Photo credits to owners)

5. Everybody Writes By Ann Handley

Slow marketing to move fast in the fast-paced realm of content marketing is what Ann Handley generally points out in her best-selling book "Everybody Writes."

As content marketers, we have to keep in mind that we have to take everything slow and spare some time to see the entire picture of promoting something, ie. a product, program, whatever you have.

This isn't about doing a swift action to press the break but to appreciate the time to step back and see the progress in a bird's eye view. We have the pressures playing along.

To name a few, there's an audience expecting us to achieve great results, to show an immediate outcome of the program we try to sell, and the list goes on.

Hence, Handley tries to remind us that the core of content marketing isn't about the fast results, but the quality it produces based on the small progress we do. This is the general view of her 301-page book available on Amazon.

What impresses most readers about Handley's writing style is that it directly talks to the reader, as if she's really in front of him telling him to slow down a bit and see the overall picture of every strategy to market a particular thing.

"Our writing can make us look smart, or it can make us look stupid. It can make us seem fun, or warm, or competent, or trustworthy. But it can also make us seem humdrum or discombobulated or flat-out boring," as Handley’s copy on Amazon mentioned.

Make Money Online Listening Music Content Image 3

Upon learning the strategies in these books, it's your time to get moving and make money.

After Learning These, Now What?

There are many ways to interpret this inquiry when it comes to making money in these books, depending on your intentions per se. Besides, there are limitless opportunities online, and employing the strategies incorporated in the books could be a great way to make an income. That’s certain. 

First of all, some books allow affiliate marketing. If you want an example, Russell Branson offers affiliate marketers to promote his “DotCom Secrets” book in exchange for commissions.

Secondly, if you own or at least plan to build your own online business and you reach out through these authors and read their works to learn how, you may opt for this option, though.

By merely applying the tactics they introduce in hundreds of pages you’re reading, it guarantees results. This isn’t overnight at all. But it’d be an excellent investment for self-education for long-term results.

I did the same thing with my own website. I have been reading lots of books like these to help me guided in my own business as well.

Whatever you want to apply, be it joining an affiliate network and become their marketer or you simply become a consumer, it’s your choice which of these work best for you.

Cons Of 5 Top Internet Marketing Books Unveiled!

1. Doesn't Guarantee Overnight Results

These are all theories, to begin with. The results rely on how you interpret the strategy and how consistent you are with applying them.

For instance, you want to apply Seth Godin’s rule of using great stories in content marketing, you have to understand that writing a content based on its standards takes a long time.

And generating sales and traffic doesn’t happen over a month, it’s 6 months or even a year or more. It doesn’t matter.

2. Subjective Results

Whatever strategy these gurus teach you, it all boils down to individual results, which means that his findings wouldn’t be necessarily the same to you when you apply it.

Every strategy is unique to everyone, but it still works. It all relies on how you use the approach and your right mindset towards achieving your goals.

3. Outdated Strategies

This couldn’t be avoided because these books were published years ago. In a fast-paced and -changing web life, it’s uncontrollable.

This is why I pointed out earlier that whatever the author suggests doesn’t mean they work out well for you. It’s subjective, and each suggestion doesn’t give you an overnight output.

What I Like About These Books?

1. High Ratings On Amazon

There’s no doubt these books are one of the most top tallied books with positive feedback from satisfied users. They aren’t just a few hundreds, but we’re talking about at least 200 readers. 

With an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 ratings, all the 5 top internet marketing books we listed here belong to the group.

5 Top Internet Marketing Books Gary V-min

Gary V's book gained more than 900 reviews on Amazon with almost 5 out of 5 rating.

2. Real Essence Of Content Marketing

I love how Ann Handley puts it in her book “Everybody Writes,” wherein she said in one of her podcast interviews that most content marketers are focused on creating so much for the market, resulting in getting lost in the real essence of content marketing per se.

3. Access To Gurus' Minds

There’s no way to get close to the minds of the internet marketing gurus except their books. These 5 top internet marketing books listed here are the only way to read their thoughts and their suggestions to make everything work for the beginners, who wanted to learn a thing from them.

What Did Others Say About Them?

“If you need a good book that summarizes the social media platforms for your business; a book that gives you the latest best practices - what to do and not do - then this is the book for you,” a verified Amazon user wrote on the review section. This is among the positive reviews a book listed in this post received over the years.

As I mentioned earlier, there are at least 200 satisfied readers from these books and left an enormous number of positive feedback to these gurus.

5 Top Internet Marketing Books Review

Overall summary of satisfaction from Amazon readers about these books, specifically to Gary V's.

If they weren’t significant enough to be on the list, why would we bother to spend a second reviewing them, right? 

“To illustrate [Seth Godin] preferred approach to marketing, the author relates a grab bag of case studies, heavy on emotionally compelling pitches, and seamless subliminal impressions. Readers will likely find the book's practical advice as rudderless as its ethical principles,” Publishers Weekly wrote on the review.

Below is Roope’s review of Russell Brunson’s “DotComSecrets” book. Watch the video and learn how this book changes your game in the internet marketing industry.

Are The 5 Top Internet Marketing Books Listed Here Legit...Or Scam?

I knew the names behind these 5 top internet marketing books listed on the post. Over the years, I have been following a few like Gary V and Seth Godin, who are one of my favorite “mentors” in the game of internet marketing.

They are so hard to reach, but through the books they write, it’s easier for us to learn their mindset and how they perceive internet marketing, in general. From there, it’s beneficial for beginners to learn as many information as you can with a few bucks. 

5 Top Internet Marketing Books Review 1

If you think these book reviews from real readers are fake, think again.

With that regard, there’s no doubt that the strategies in these books are legit. Might as well as the authors behind these great works are real.

They provide valuable pieces of information necessary as a form of weaponry in the online battlefield. Hence, if you want to get serious with your business endeavor, start reading their works and learn as much as possible. You won’t regret that decision.

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Do you prefer to begin earning your first passive income through affiliate marketing or you instead invest your time, money, and effort to income-generating opportunities like this?

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