Success With Anthony 20/100

Is Success With Anthony 2.0. a scam?SuccessWithAnthony

Name: Success With Anthony
Price: Initially just $19, but more in upsells
Owners: Anthony Morrison
Overall Rank: 20 out of 100


Anthony Morrison is a self-proclaimed guru about internet marketing. Now he has created a new training program called Success With Anthony 2.0. and his former program has been shut down.

Anthony claims that “the normal way” to get traffic is too slow. He means creating a website, writing content, getting visitors from search engines, social media, and others are too slow. It is true that earning money online may be slow and requires hard work but the rewards are certainly worth trying.

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Anthony tells that he has a better way to get traffic. His big promise is “Tap Into 553,000 Targeted Visitors In 12 Minutes!” Let’s find what he is talking about.

Pros and Cons


  • Some training and good insights provided
  • Online marketing tips


  • No free account
  • Constant hard selling of the upsells
  • No good support
  • Better training can be found on the Internet for free or lower price
  • A bit unreliable founder
  • Not good information for beginners
  • Requires some prior knowledge

Success With Anthony 1

Anthony had already first product and I made some research on the Internet about it and figured out what people say about it. One successful Online marketer said in his review “Avoid this product at all measures and if you do invest, don’t say I didn’t warn you.” about Anthony’s program.

Other reliable made a review about Anthony’s first program and his conclusion was, “Overall this program is not worth it. Save your money and invest elsewhere.”

One curious point is that Anthony’s program was removed from Clickbank. The reason that a product is removed from Clickbank is usually that it has a high return rate or a high level of complaints.

So Anthony’s background isn’t very successful or reliable.

What about 2.0?

There are three sections in Anthony’s program.

1.E-mail Marketing Profits: In his ebook and videos Anthony explains how to make money on email campaigns.

2.Social Marketing Profits: In this section, Anthony concentrates on 4 big social media Google+, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. He teaches about them in ebooks and videos.

3.SEO Profits. He introduces some general SEO (search engine optimization) techniques. Some basic knowledge about keywords.

It has to be said that there are some benefits of the program but it certainly doesn’t do what Anthony promises. You won’t get “553,000 Targeted Visitors In 12 Minutes” as he claims.

In his program, he recommends people to use also paid marketing to attract visitors. Paying to get visitors can enhance your online business but it won’t make you rich overnight. It seems that Anthony promises huge but provides only a little value.

Anthony has been interviewed in CNN
Anthony has been interviewed on CNN

Success With Anthony Support

Although Anthony claims that you will get 1-on-1 support from him it’s unfortunately not true. You can contact some support desks but no 1-on-1 support with Anthony.

There isn’t neither a community where you could get motivation and support from other people who are building their own online business.

All in all Success With Anthony’s support is not very high quality.

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Success With Anthony Price

The starting price of Anthony’s products is not very high. You can start by $19 or by buying products that cost about $50. The problem is that this program contains A LOT OF UPSELLS. You will get many times

You will get many times “one-time-offers” to buy a new product from him. New resources, new training and new mentoring available. I don’t really like the thing that there are so many upsells.

If you buy everything they offer you will end up paying thousands of dollars on their products and mentorings.

My Final Opinion of Success With Anthony

This is a product with a lot of hype. The owner claims to be a young self-made millionaire and knows the secrets to success. Probably he is a millionaire but still his training seems to be mediocre. Training contains basic stuff but this training alone won’t make you a millionaire.

I don’t recommend Anthony’s product.

Success With Anthony at a Glance

Name: Success With Anthony
Price: Initially just $19, but more in upsells
Owners: Anthony Morrison
Overall Rank: 20 out of 100

VERDICT: Not Recommended

Do you have your own experiences about Anthony Morrison or his programs? I am willing to hear. Please, leave a comment.

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  1. Hello there,
    Thanks for informative review about this website! I checked other reviews of yours, and nice, I didn’t hear about these scammers before, good to know.those days you can be scammed everywhere.. sad that people have to cheat others instead of working hardly to achieve what they want. I recenty started to get weird emails from a guy who tried to convince me to send my playstation to Nigeria,(it was up for sale ) but he didn’t get me. 🙂 I will be looking forward to your updates,have a nice day!

    1. Yes Danni, it’s amazing how many scammers there are on the Internet. Money is probably the main thing that drives them forward. It’s a bit sad and I’m sure that their conscious can’t be clean when they are doing it. I’m happy that you didn’t get in to trap to send the playstation to Nigeria :).

      It’s good to know that there are still reliable programs online like Wealthy Affiliate, Chris Farrell Membership and Niche Blitzkrieg to mention some of them.

      I wish you all the best!

  2. I’ve come across so many of these new internet marketing training modules that all suffer from poor support – always an indication of a poor product in my book. Support is the single most important factor whem you are learning something new – thanks for highlighting this waste of time, I’ll stay away!

    1. Good point Chris about support! I totally agree with you that support is ultimately important when you are learning something new. You will need help from other people to learn and succeed. Then it’s important that you can ask questions and get the answers.

      Wealthy Affiliate’s support is great and every single question that I have asked has been answered!

      I wish you all the best Chris


  3. I have this product on Clickbank a couple of year ago and it makes sense that they do not promote Success with Anthony anymore.

    Getting over 500 000 visitors in 12 minutes is just unreal if you ask me. Maybe if you have a large enough PPC budget then you might be able to get this amount of visitors.

    1. Hi Viljoen,

      In my opinion 500 000 visitors in 12 minutes is also unreal. It may sound appealing when someone promises that kind of things but again we come to the old adage “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

      The great thing in Wealthy Affiliate is that the founders there don’t give false promises but tell honestly what it takes to success online.

      I hope you all the best Viljoen!

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