Paysbook Review [$8 Sign-Up Rewards & More!]

Read My Paysbook Review & Learn How To Make 4-figure Income Using A Free Mobile App. Originally Philippine-Based, It Gained International Attention. Read More.
Read My Paysbook Review & Learn How To Make 4-figure Income Using A Free Mobile App. Originally Philippine-Based, It Gained International Attention. Read More.

Welcome to my Paysbook Review!

Facebook has indeed opened a lot of opportunities for creative people around the world. Among 100+ countries in the world, the Philippines is one of the top Facebook users, which resulted in the emerging money-making opportunities in the mentioned social media platform.

One of those companies is Paysbook, which name derived from the social media platform itself. You might be unaware of this relatively new company; however, it’s not just any other app. It’s an affiliate marketing company.

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Now, we’re all set. Let’s dive into the post. Shall we?

Paysbook Review - Quick Summary

Name: Paysbook

Founded: 2018

Type: Multi-Level Marketing / Social Media Affiliate Marketing Company

Price: Free to join; $20 activation fee

Best for: Particularly Filipino users, Paysbook is best for people who spend so much time on Facebook in exchange for earning commissions based on the referrals they make. This app is also open for international members.

Read My Paysbook Review & Learn How To Make 4-figure Income Using A Free Mobile App. Originally Philippine-Based, It Gained International Attention. Read More.

Summary: Established in 2018, Arjay Gallenero founded Paysbook (a coined name derived from Zuckerberg’s Facebook) to help people, especially Filipino users to make money while they spend more time on the social media platform.

Is Paysbook Recommended? No. I’ll tell you the details in a while. For now, it’s best to spend time to hone your strengths to high-income skills to attract wealth. Click the green button below to get started today.


What Is Paysbook? 

Established in 2018, Paysbook is a relatively new affiliate marketing company run by CEO and founder, Arjay Gallenero, an entrepreneur from the Philippines.

He utilized the Filipinos’ overspending time to Facebook as a way to make money instead of scrolling over the phones all day long. 

Because of the unhealthy social media habit of most Filipinos, Gallenero made a way to make this a great money-making opportunity through creating an application, which is accessible on Google Play. 

Just like any affiliate marketing program, what Paysbook does is to let the new members earn money through referrals.

They get their shares in the form of commissions from the moment you sign up until you refer more people under your account. 

Since this is based in the Philippines, non-Filipino users will receive the income in Philippine peso rather than in dollars. Yet, there is an ongoing splurge of Americans taking advantage of this application for the same purpose, too. 

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How Does Paysbook Work?

The first thing you need to do to make this work is to download the Paysbook application via Google Play or Apple Store.

Either of which is a great way to get access to this app and sign up. Once you register, it will ask you for a Facebook account and a few personal information. 

After you sign in, you get your first Php 300 rewards (approximately $6), Php 200 for logging in (literally, you get around $3 every time you login into your account), and more commissions. 

Yet, before you enjoy the limitless income opportunity in this app, you have to pay around $20 (Php 1,000) first to unlock the unlimited option for Paysbook. That’s all.

How to Make Money with Paysbook?

To make money with Paysbook, as I mentioned earlier, you need to download the application first on your mobile devices via Google Play or Apple Store. It’s not some finance app like Stash App. 

Once you sign up and register with the required personal information from you, you get your first $6 to your account.

When you actively log in into your account, you get approximately $3 per log in. Literally, Paysbook counts the number of times you log into your account, which serves as the basis for your Log-In rewards. 

Aside from these, you can make more money by referring friends under your account. Once you do, you get Php 100 (approximately $2 per person), which will be your direct referral commission. 

Paysbook Review Landing Page-min

Paysbook landing page with its featured sign up options for new members

Further, you have matching and leveling commissions, which is worth around Php 100 (approximately $2) and Php 400 (approximately $8) respectively. If you try to look at the structure, it does follow what most Multi-Level Marketing Program follows when it comes to compensation. 

The matching bonus is actually in per leg basis, your right and left leg. Once your binary legs go infinite levels deep, you may get around Php 4,000 (approximately $80) per day and would go as high as Php 120,000 (approximately $2,400) per day. 

As for the leveling commissions, since Paysbook follows a binary compensation structure, the commission depends on the number of levels you made under your account. For every level, you may earn around Php 400 (approximately $8) to as high as Php 4,000 (approximately $80).

Paysbook [UGLY] Truths Revealed!

1. SEC Warning For Potential Scheme

As much as Paysbook pays out a lot of money to its active members, the Security Exchange Commission sent out a notice to users who might be potential victims of the scheme.

The government agency received a notice last July 2018 about the existence of the affiliate marketing program-slash-multi-level marketing company earlier that year.

Because of its too good to be true and red flags, they decided to open the line for complaints and take action for the schemes happening underneath the surface. 

Paysbook Review SEC

Excerpt of the whole notice from Security and Exchange Commission warning (Philippines)

2. Lots Of Complaints From Users

Albeit the income potential from its diverse compensation plans, many users are dissatisfied with the application as well as the payout system.

Based on Google Play reviews, most of the users find it irritating to use the application because of the strong urge for personal information and all the unfixed bugs. 

3. Televised Complaint Of Scheme

This one of the strongest red flags every reader should know about. A few months ago, Paysbook has been televised on local Philippine TV station because of the same set of complaints.

What most users have said pertains to the payout system implemented in the company, resulting in the labeling of “scam” for the app.

4. Ineffectual Income Basis

So far, I haven't reviewed any application with an intent to pay out members in the form of commissions and rewards, wherein they pay immediately as soon as after the confirmation of registration.

Certainly, others’ payout depending on the number of referrals you make, but not every time you log in into your account.

The overall compensation plan doesn’t sound surprising except the ones with Sign up and login rewards, which had me second thoughts about.

5. No BBB Records

There are no records for Paysbook on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) because this is a Philippine-based affiliate marketing program slash multi-level marketing program.

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The protocol for the BBB may not apply in this company because it’s out of the American jurisdiction; however, there is an ongoing splurge of American members, too. So, it would help if the personnel in this platform would take time to review the company and verify.

What I Like About Paysbook?

1. Free Download & Registration

You don’t need to pay anything when you download the application in different application providers. The $20 activation fee only applies if you intend to enjoy the full benefits of making more money than you could imagine.

The free option will disable some features that help you in that sense. So, that forces you to spend 20 bucks to get the 100% experience of Paysbook.

2. Cheap Unlimited Income Option

As I mentioned earlier, you only have to spend around $20 to unlock the unlimited income opportunity Paysbook has for you as an active user.

Aside from the 20 bucks, there’s no other upsell offered to your account. So, you can focus on referring people to earn commissions in 10 levels deep or more.

Paysbook Review - What Others Say?

“I love it... It really pays. They can help a lot of people like me. Amazing. Legit,” one of the satisfied users wrote on the review section of Google Play.

That’s one of the few positive reviews out of 3,500+ reviews gathered on the platform. Which is why it’s a hyped affiliate marketing-slash-multi-level marketing company.

When I hovered through different fora about Paysbook to determine the two sides of the coin, it seems that there are many satisfied users than those who have unpleasant experiences with the app. 

According to one active member, the company is legitimate to the point where you can directly communicate with the founder and CEO himself.

Paysbook Review Positive and Negative

Various opinion about Paysbook on Google Play review section

Unlike most network marketing and/or affiliate marketing companies out there, Paysbook seems to have more personal activity between the founder and the users.

With that being said, based on my personal experience, Wealthy Affiliate, an affiliate marketing program, does have the same feeling when it comes to the level of communication is concerned. You can email or send a message to either of the founders, Kyle or Carson, and they respond as soon as they can. 

The overall structure could have a great one, but the fact it has gained the attention of the government agency for schemes like the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC), which is in-charge for fraudulent activities like this, is a red flag.

Paysbook Review Positive Feedback-min

A screenshot of one successful member on a Facebook video

Perhaps, it’s too early to judge as of now. However, the manner they’re paid and how and where the company got the money to reward these people based on the log-in-sign-up counts, it gives anyone a second look and review. 

“I am an American and I can see this growing in the USA. I would like more in English and an option to show dollars instead of pesos,” one of the non-Filipino users wrote, proving that Paysbook is currently on the hype internationally. 

Is Paysbook A Scam?

Given all the research I gathered for this post, there’s no doubt that Paysbook is a legitimate affiliate marketing program with a bit of adherence to a multi-level marketing company in terms of the compensation structure. 

Though the program sounds simple, there’s a bit of complication in various angles. First, there are too many ads on the application, which made me think that the company gets its income from it to compensate the members. 

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Lots of creative ways to make money online these days. Paysbook is one of these, which gained a lot of attention not only in the Philippines but internationally.

Second, there is a forced act to the users’ personal information in exchange for rewards. Third, it has gained the attention of the government agency, which is calling for a review. Also, it has been televised in which the program host labeled Paysbook as a scam. 

Regardless, it’s not a scam based on the pieces of information I gathered and reviewed today. Paysbook is a great income opportunity, but not recommendable. If you want our suggestion, you can click this link to join the #1 online business opportunity and get started today. 

#1 Online Business Opportunity

Certainly, there are a lot of ways to make money online these days. Especially that Facebook has been the top source of ideas for crazy geniuses out there. Locally, the Filipinos have been the top global users among 100+ countries. 

So, people like Gallenero took this as an advantage to create an application to make more money while they spend so much time on social media. From there, it became Paysbook. 

The thing is that the payment sounds too good to be true to the point where the government has started to intervene in the operations earlier before it creates victims in the long run. For the pioneers of this app, they enjoyed a lot of benefits and made as much as 4-figures in a short period. 

Paying attention to the compensation & overall company structure, as well as the news, makes you safe in different kinds of schemes online.

With that being said, there’s a red flag for this business. Which is why here on Your Online Revenue Ltd, we intend to recommend business opportunities that will be safe for you.​

Still, you can make this a future source of a stable passive income as long as you do the work in the beginning. 

Thus, we recommend you to join this program in which Roope “Robert” Kiuttu, the founder of Your Online Revenue Ltd, has affiliated with. Because of the training, he’s able to make as much as $3,000 in a day. It’s legitimate money in his account.

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Now that I shared my thoughts on my “Paysbook Review” post, it’s time to turn the table and ask about your experience, in general.

What kinds of experiences do you have with making money with Paysbook? Is it worth your time, money, and effort?

Do you prefer to begin earning your first passive income through affiliate marketing or you instead invest your time, money, and effort to income-generating opportunities like this?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

If you need any help to get started making money online, don't hesitate to ask in the comments below and we'll be happy to help you out! 

By Mecyll Gaspary

Hi, I'm Mecyll! I'm a full-time writer in Your Online Revenue, dedicated to dig into the world of making money with Roope. When I'm not spending time writing reviews, I'm writing novels and blog posts on my own website.

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