Is the Laptop Millionaire a Scam Or Can You Earn $10,000 in the Next 28 Days?

Who wouldn’t like to become a laptop millionaire? Earn

ing passive income while you are sleeping and working for a few hours a day anywhere in the world. This book promises that anyone can achieve that dream. Is it true? Read our honest review to find out is the Laptop Millionaire a scam or a valuable book!

The Laptop Millionaire Review

is laptop millionaire a scamName: Laptop Millionaire
Author:  Mark Anastasi
Price: $15,94
Field: Make Money Online -Guides
Overall Rank: 75 out of 100

What Is the Laptop Millionaire?

The Laptop Millionaire is a book written by Mark Anastasi and he has also a website with a similar title. In the cover of his book, Mark promises to show anyone can escape the 9 to 5 and make money online.

He shows 32 ways to make money online. As he mentions there are even much more ways but he shows these 32. In my opinion, this book doesn’t give you all the steps to become a successful online entrepreneur. If you want a step-by-step guide to making money online, have a look at this training.

32 different ideas in 272 pages. With a fast calculation, it means that he uses approximately 8-9 pages for each of his ideas. That’s not very much but it can for sure give some inspiration.

Is It Possible to Become a Laptop Millionaire (in 28 Days)?

 “Go from ZERO to $10,000 a month in 28 days and discover financial freedom online!”

You can find that bold statement on Amazon sales page of Laptop Millionaire. Is it really possible? Yes, it’s possible but not very probable especially if you don’t have former experience about Internet marketing. Even though you would have some experience of making money online, I would say that going from ZERO to $10,000/month in 28 days is quite challenging. I am not saying it’s impossible because many people have done it but it requires VERY HARD WORK and some “luck” (even though I don’t believe in luck).

It’s definitely possible for anyone to become a laptop millionaire or earn $10,000/month online but most of the time it requires much more than 28 days of work. If you want such income quickly, you will most likely need to use lots of paid advertising. If you don’t know what you are doing there, you can easily end up losing much more than what you are earning.

Most of the online entrepreneurs who became rich quickly used that kind of strategy. They created landing pages (=sales pages) and bought lots of traffic with ads. It’s a great strategy but you need to have a page that is converting well.

Let’s say that you pay $0,20 per visitor. It means that for 5,000 visitors you are already paying $10,000 and for 50,000 visitors you will pay $10,000.

Say that you earn $20 for each product that you sell. In this example, you need to sell more than 500 products in order to make any profit. It means that you need to convert at least 1% of your visitors. It doesn’t sound very much but you can try to create yourself or try a “safer” strategy to attract those 50,000 visitors for almost free through SEO.

How to Create

Who is Laptop Millionaire For?

In my opinion, this book would be the best for those who have already some experience in Internet marketing. Then you can understand Mark’s teachings much better and don’t waste your money on things that don’t work.

What Are the Cons of the Laptop Millionaire?

Mark is a typical salesman. Promising huge things that would be possible for anyone. It makes his book sell better but I could ask if he is a little bit exaggerating in some parts.

Another thing is that when he give you 32 ideas, you may easily lose the focus. You try one, then another, then another one and you don’t focus enough. I think a better approach would be to concentrate first on one or two things. After you have mastered them, then move to next ones.

You can, for example, first master SEO to get ranked on Google. Learning SEO-principles takes some time but after you have built consistent traffic from Google, you have a great foundation for your online business. Then you can concentrate building an email list and so on. But if you try to be an expert in SEO, email list, maximizing conversions, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and 1000 other social medias, you don’t have enough focus.

If you read this book, pick one or two ideas, put them powerfully into action and master them. Then move to next ones. What do you think?

What Is the Price of the Laptop Millionaire?

This book costs around $15 which is a typical price for this kind of book. Probably you could find all these ideas on the Internet with a little bit of research but when they are put into a book, you don’t need to use your valuable time searching them.

If you don’t want to pay $15 for this book, you can start learning for FREE how to build an online business. I will give you 10 interactive video lessons, 2 FREE websites and my 1-on-1 mentoring (mentoring available only for a limited time so take action quickly).

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Pros & Cons


  • Gives Lots of New Ideas
  • Mark Has Succeeded Online Himself
  • He Has Tried Most of the Methods Himself
  • Gives The Motivation to Create a Successful Online Business


  • Doesn’t Give So Many Concrete Steps
  • Some of the Information Is Outdated
  • Some Part Are a Bit Exaggerating

Conclusion – Does Laptop Millionaire Work?

Yes and no. Not a single “make money online” – the program will work if you don’t work. There are no shortcuts to success. But many principles in this book work and can help you to build a successful online business. However, the Laptop Millionaire is not enough. You need to learn also from other sources.

I recommend Wealthy Affiliate because they offer a wonderful training, support, community and important tools to run an online business. Have you already tried their free service?

Laptop Millionaire at a Glance…

Name: Laptop Millionaire
Author:  Mark Anastasi
Price: $15,94
Field: Make Money Online -Guides
Overall Rank: 75 out of 100


Have you read Mark’s book or some similar books?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

By Roope Kiuttu

Hello! I am Roope "Robert" Kiuttu, the founder and owner of I created this website back in 2015 to help you to make money online. You can ask me anything and I'll be happy to help you out. I help people daily to make more money online and I love seeing people succeeding. If you want to get my 1-on-1 support and help to make money online as well, get started HERE.


  1. I have heard about laptop millionaire but have never read it, infact I have it in my collection of books to read. Thanks for the great review on it. I agree with you that paying for traffic is not a good strategy and can be pretty expensive. I also prefer to build traffic. It takes such a long time,but I think in the end it is worth it. It also gives you so much confidence because you know you can start an online business, build the traffic and make money. I’ll read the book with your points in mind.

    1. Paying for traffic can be a good strategy if it’s done carefully. It requires lots of testing and starting with small amounts. Once you find a winning strategy that works, you must put lots of money to that in order to make big bucks. Actually, scaling can be a lot easier with a paid traffic but for beginners I recommend free traffic strategies because usually they can’t afford paid traffic and tons of testing.

  2. I am not really interested about things like this because It looks a scam for me. But then, I give it a try to read because this forums gives me a lot of information. But just like what I thought it is not as easy-peasy being a laptop millionaire. It takes a lot of experiences before doing that. That book may be applicable only with a long time experience in internet business. That is what my opinion will be. Need to find another good article. BTW, nice info. 😀

  3. I will never bother to buy any of these books that claim that they will help you become a millionaire within a few weeks. It’s silly and not at all true. If all these books were genuine then I’m sure that most people will be millionaires and I’m sure there would be real lack of applicants for most office jobs.

    The only book I would consider buying is one from you, this blog actually contains real and actual information and not just crap to earn affiliate earnings.

    1. Yeah, it’s clear that this book’s title exaggerates a little bit. However, the book still contains some valuable advice.

      I am extremely happy to hear that you like my content. I must write an eBook in the future and share it to you 🙂

  4. Hey there,
    Firstly, I thought wine was the only thing marked out of 100! Not to worry.
    Thanks for your comments.
    I have read this and use it as a resource tool. Yes, some bits are a bit dated.
    As for the title. It is was gets people in. Key words. Niche. problem [one] solving.

    1. Hi Paul,

      yeah, nowadays you get people to read your book if you include the word, “Millionaire” in your title. Think about these examples:
      -Millionaire Fast Lane
      -Millionaire Next Door
      -Coffee Shop Millionaire
      -Click Millionaires
      -Laptop Millionaire
      and much more.

      Some of them provide interesting tips while other ones are not even recommended. I read Millionaire Fast Lane and it opened my eyes to see that if I want to live in the fast track of my life, I must quit my 9 to 5 job. It’s only a slow lane and isn’t taking my life further as fast as I would like.


  5. Thanks for sharing this information.

    I have seen a lot of books similar to this over the years and I will admit I take a lot of it with a pinch of salt.

    I think some of them have some excellent ideas, concepts and strategies, but the titles can be a little misleading.

    Yes, you can make this amount of money online, you can also make it offline in the high street too if you have the right business.


    I would think you would need a TON of luck to help you along the way to do it in a short space of time.

    I think the techniques are there, the ideas, the passion – everything. But these things take time.

    Great review 🙂


    1. Hi Chris,

      “I’m a Great Believer in Luck. The Harder I Work, the More Luck I Have.” This quote seems to be true with the online businesses.

      I remember when I was first with “I will try” – attitude. I thought that I try this online business thing and let’s see if it works. Guess did it work? No, I failed.

      Then I started treat it like a real business and guess did it work? Yes, definitely! I am seeing better results every month and my income from online businesses is steadily increasing.

      I recommend Wealthy Affiliate’s training for anyone who wants to build a successful online business.


  6. Thank you for this review. I has reinforced my opinion that books like this, though not all are get-rich-quick scams, are pretty useless if used in the absence of other, more in-depth training or research. I may read it after getting further down the road and have more experience with internet marketing. Thanks for your insights on this book!

    1. Hello,

      if you get the book and read it, let me know what you liked :).

      Some people are able to make money quite fast online. I know even guys who made $10,000/month in 3 years or less. But most of the time it requires more time. But it’s worth it because if you keep on going and learning, you don’t need to work for anyone else in the future.


  7. Hey Roope,
    I don’t believe in luck too, I believe in hard work and the Laptop Millionaire sounds like an excellent book to get my hands on since I’m always up for more knowledge on Internet Marketing.

    Would you recommend this book for bloggers though? Since we already am focused on our sites that we won;t have time to try something else unless it will benefit our sites.

    1. Hi Riaz,

      yes, this book can be useful for bloggers also to give new ideas and perspectives on making money online. Then you can take one or two ideas from the book and put them powerfuly into action.

      I have noticed that even though we are blogging regularly, it’s sometimes useful take a look and think about our blogs on larger scale. Are we heading to the right direction or should we change something. Then we can do a few changes to improve.


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