Is Grandbux a Scam or Can You Really Make Grand Bucks?

“Is Grandbux a Scam?” That’s a question that may come to your mind when they claim that Grandbux has paid almost $3,000,000 for their members. In this Grandbux review, you will find out to your questions, and I will also reveal why Grandbux is not worth it.

 Grandbux review

is grandbux a scamName: Grandbux
Field: Get Paid To -Sites

Overall Ranking: 30 out of 100

What Is Grandbux All About?

Grandbux is an online advertising platform where advertisers can contact various potential clients and increase their sales and traffic in an interesting way. The members of this advertising platform earn cash by viewing the advertisement besides many other options for income.

Some of the reasons which make us feel that Grandbux is not a legit company:

Grandbux was in debt, and at that point of time, there were many complaints from its members of not getting the payment on time. Moreover, the accounts of these members were suspended without any valid reason. The bad news is that Grandbux is out of debts now, but the accounts of the suspended members are still not active.

Grandbux has introduced its new role. If you want to withdraw money from Grandbux, you need to give a screen shot of you PayPal account along with a copy of your ID.

The rates of returns from Grandbux are very high for members who invest in referrals of rent.

How to make money in Grandbux?

Grandbux is a PTC website that has entered the world of making online money. Grandbux contains a domain – GRANDBUX.NET which is certified by GoDaddy. This domain was created on January 13, 2013, and will expire on January 13, 2019.

There are many ways of making money with Grandbux:

  • Direct referral upgrade commissions through which you can earn $2,$5,$15 and $22
  • Daily clicking the ad
  • Monthly point contests where the winner prize is $1000
  • Daily rotation money which gives you $30 in purchase balance or account balance
  • Grandgrid where you can win $10 every day
  • Rented referrals clicks
  • Direct referral clicks which is a new feature of this site
  • By completing micro jobs and
  • Head –Tale

The forum of Grandbux is open and available to all the members. Also, you will find an advertisement in Grandbux in many different forms which include micro jobs, paid to click, banner ads, and fixed PTC advertisements.

I created a Youtube video which shows you how you can make money on Grandbux. You may be surprised how little money you will really make on that website.

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How much money can I make in Grandbux?

One person wrote the following text in her review about Grandbux:

“When it comes to making money Grandbux is the best place. It is a fantastic site which pays you to click, and the advertiser can advertise here. Grandbux is entirely different from other websites as it offers discounts and contest to its respective members. As far as the PTC industry is concerned Grandbux is one of the most leading sites.

You earning has no limits in Grandbux. You can start to earn $0.02 per your click. On every referral, you get $0.02. As far as the payout is concerned, it is minimum $5, and you get paid through PayPal. When you come to Grandbux, it is not about beating the bush as you can earn up to $500 in a day. To make the first thing you need to do is to register your account which takes not more than five minutes. You can even earn money in Grandbux by viewing an advertisement, by playing Grand grid, posting micro jobs and by participating in daily point contest.”

She seems to be promoting Grandbux, but I am not sure if she’s using it herself. Okay, you can theoretically earn $500 in a day in Grandbux, but I think that in practice you would be doing maximum $10/day and using lots of time. People who are promoting this kind of sites don’t know about better ways to make money online. I also thought of that making money easily with this kind of sites like Grandbux would be profitable, but then I realized that you couldn’t earn well. PTC sites are not worth it.

is grandbux a scam
Using your time to earn $0,001 per ad is nonsense

How Can I Advertise in Grandbux?

The advertisement in Grandbux holds great importance as you get to show your product to millions of people. The good thing is that this site blocks any advertiser who does not go for a valid offer. It is vital that the advertiser should promote an offer which is genuine.

While advertising in Grandbux you need to make sure that you do not make an offer where the member is expected to make a purchase for three days in a row. You also need to see that you need to post such an offer which the member can complete in 72 hours. In case you are not able to follow these guidelines your account would be suspended from Grandbux.

I think that a more profitable way of using Granbux is to use it as an advertisement platform rather than as a tool to make money online.

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Who Is Grandbux for?

“Grandbux is a great opportunity for both the members as well as the advertisers at the international level. This site helps you to make a profit online, and anybody can use this site to earn money. The best part is that anyone can also click for you. A person who is 18 years of age can become a member of Grandbux.”

That is how someone wrote about Grandbux. In my opinion, Grandbux makes only sense for advertisers.

Pros and cons of Grandbux

There are some pros of Grandbux which makes one of the most famous sites of the PTC industry. Grandbux is available all over the world, and you also get many ads to click. The reputation of Grandbux is good, and there is a forum. It does not take more than three days to process your payment. In addition to all this, there are free rentals available for upgraded members of the site.

However, there are some great disadvantages of Grandbux like there is not much scope of high income and this site is not very old in the market. The referrals in this site are expensive, and if you just view ads, then it takes too much time to earn money.

Conclusion – Is Grandbux Worth It?

Even though Grandbux is not a scam, in my opinion, it’s not worth it. Instead of wasting your time on “Get-Paid-To” -sites I recommend finding a real job or learning a better way to make money online. I have learned to way to make money online which is fun, has a limitless earning potential and is helpful for other people.

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 Have you used Grandbux or other PTC site? Did you come to the same conclusion that I did?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

By Roope Kiuttu

Hello! I am Roope "Robert" Kiuttu, the founder and owner of I created this website back in 2015 to help you to make money online. You can ask me anything and I'll be happy to help you out. I help people daily to make more money online and I love seeing people succeeding. If you want to get my 1-on-1 support and help to make money online as well, get started HERE.


  1. Yes, you are probably right.I have just begun using Grandbux. I have not received any money from them yet, because I have not earned enough. I would like to cover the fees from what I earn there. I do not intend to invest any money into such sites as I have nothing to invest. Where I live 300$/ month (If I earn 10$/day) would be half of what I get paid through my normal job!!! If this is really true, It is really worth my time. I do not know if this site is legit, but I definitely give it a try.I wish you a successful career through the internet. Eszter

    1. Hi Eszter,

      I have always thought that survey sites like Grandbux are not worth it because the earning potential is so low. However, if you are living in a cheap country, it may be more reasonable than in Europe or in the U.S.

      But why wouldn’t you try Wealthy Affiliate also? They provide an online business training and a community. You can get started for 100% free. Free account gives you 20 interactive video lessons and 2 websites for free. In addition, you will have an access to a premium tools for 7 days.

      I understand that WA premium membership can be a bit pricey in a country where you are living but at least have a look at a free membership there. If you concentrate building a real online business, it can produce you 100-1,000 times better income than survey sites. Of course, it requires more investments in the beginning. But I like the quote, “You must be willing to do things today others won’t do, in order to have the things tomorrow others won’t have.” -Les Brown.

      I am investing my time on creating an online business today while people are partying and horsing around. “Tomorrow” I will have a freedom to do whatever I want while other people are forced to go to a 9-5 job. What do you think?

      Best regards

  2. Hi guys,

    I do not have personal experience with Grandbux but i am well adverse with different internet marketing programs, and you for sure can make a realy good living with affiliate marketing programs. I liked this post, but i am un sure if Grandbux is a legit program, sometimes the best way to find out is to try it. great content tho

    thanks shane.

    1. Hi Shane,

      you are right that you can really make a good living with affiliate marketing. I know personally people who are making +$10,000/month income with their affiliate marketing businesses that they started in Wealthy Affiliate. However, Grandbux is not an affiliate marketing program but a survey site or something like that. That’s way it’s impossible to make a good income on such website.


  3. Hello there,

    Great post & review for grandbux, I agree with you this program seem to be legit but not worth the time & the effort you waste on it, like other surveys sites most of them you can earn but you will waste a lot of time filling surveys which is boring, I checked your recommended program & glad that I find you a member in WA, I am a member since October 2015, hope to see you in the community.

    Thanks for sharing, Ehab

    1. Hi Ehab,

      you are right. Filling out surveys is quite boring and especially because the reward is so small. On the other hand, affiliate marketing is much more interesting and more profitable.

      Okay, so you’ve been a member of Wealthy Affiliate already for almost 1,5 years. I believe that you’re doing good progress and on the way to the financial freedom. Let’s talk more in the community.


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