Is Bitcoin Wealth Club a Scam? Read These 5 Red Flags!

is bitcoins wealth club a scam
is bitcoins wealth club a scam

This is probably the most honest and comprehensive Bitcoins was club review that you have ever or will ever read.

Before we run into details, I would like to mention that I have reviewed more than 450 make money online opportunities, programs, tools, and trainings.

My eyes has been "trained" to spot an online scam very easily. In this article, I am going to answer you the most important question, "is Bitcoins with club a scam or legitimate money-making opportunity?"

Read further only if you are ready to hear my honest opinion of this program.

Bitcoins Wealth Club Review - Quick Summary

Product Name: Bitcoins Wealth Club

Product Type: "Cryptocurrency Training" - Multi-Level Marketing

Price: Free to Get Started But Contains Upsells

Best for: People Who Want to Lose Their Money Quickly

is bitcoins wealth club a scam

Summary: Bitcoins Wealth Club Is a shady program that is supposed to teach you about cryptocurrencies but is actually a program that grows by recruiting more people to their scheme. Most people say it's a Ponzi scheme...

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Bitcoins Wealth Club Video Review

Before you dive into my Bitcoins Wealth Club article, I want to give you an opportunity to have a look at my video review below. I am 100% sure you will find it helpful and valuable.

Do not hesitate to ask in the comments below this article if you have any questions.

What Is Bitcoins Wealth Club?

Bitcoins Wealth Club is advertising themselves as an cryptocurrency education company. On some of their advertisements they are promising you 0.3 BTC per day. If you convert that to the current price of Bitcoin, it means that you would make thousands of dollars every single day.

But that is only the beginning. There are several promoters of Bitcoins Wealth Club that are boasting with their income proofs and asking you to join their program as well.

Based on my research, "education packages" are only a faΓ§ade that are trying to hide the real nature of the program. In my opinion, Bitcoins wealth club has several characteristics of a Ponzi scheme.

Of course, nobody can say for 100% sure whether it's a Ponzi scheme or not until it collapses. But we can evaluate all the signs that are visible to us. I think those signs will tell you if you should join this program or not.

Now let's have a closer look at the details of the Bitcoins wealth club program.

How Does Bitcoins Wealth Club Work?

You can get started with Bitcoins Wealth Club for completely free. That's how they lure more members into their system. Then they are talking about huge returns on investments.

Some sources say that you could make even five times more money than you have invested. Anybody who knows about investing, knows that such returns are usual. It's also impossible to promise such returns.

The idea with Bitcoins Wealth Club is that you would sewing the program and start climbing there pyramid ladder. They offer you different "training modules" that are supposed to teach you something about cryptocurrencies.

Even though joining the program is free these modules are not free. If you want to go through the whole program, you may end up paying way more money than you have initially planned.

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You can take a look at some of the training modules in the image below:

is bitcoins wealth club a scam

Bitcoins Wealth Club Modules.

Why Are Some People Promoting Bitcoins Wealth Club?

You may have seen some YouTube videos, blog posts or social media posts where some Bitcoins Wealth Club members are trying to get you into their system.

What is their incentive? Why are they doing it?

Bitcoins Wealth Club is also a multilevel marketing program which means that members earn money when more people join the system and buy their products. Therefore, they had a huge financial incentive to get you inside their program.

You may have probably heard of other Ponzi schemes in the cryptocurrency space. The most famous one was Bitconnect at the beginning of 2018.

There were many famous YouTubers who are promoting Bitconnect before it collapsed. Now most of them are gone and promote there is of other Ponzi schemes have appeared.

Many Ponzi schemes within the cryptocurrency space work with the same idea: they sell you an educational products and you money by inviting more people into the system. You quickly understand that "education" is not the main purpose of the system.

The main purpose of that kind of programs is to recruit as many people as possible to your downline so you would make money. I am afraid that Bitcoins Wealth Club is one of those programs.

Is Bitcoins Wealth Club a Scam? - 5 Things to Consider

I have seen hundreds of make money online programs, opportunities and trainings. Most of them are completely legitimate and they are genuinely helping you to make money online. However, there have also been scams and I see that Bitcoins Wealth Club has also several scam signs.

Of course, I cannot say with 100% clarity if it's a scam until it finally collapses. But I can give you the reasons why I haven't joined this program and why I cannot recommend it for you either.

1.What Is the Real "Product" of the System?

Bitcoins Wealth Club sells themselves as an educational program on platform but when you join the program you start noticing that they are talking about recruiting more people. This is where things start to become a bit shady.

Educational products are completely fine but there have been hundreds of online scams where an informational product has only been a facade to hide the real nature of the system.

Things start to become even more "interesting" when you see that they are sending you packages, different levels and incentives for recruiting more people and climbing up in the pyramid.

Somebody could ask if this program is really trying to provide some value or are they only trying to get as many people as possible that there multilevel marketing system. Are they only building pyramid scheme where you make money by inviting people to your downline?

2.Many Online Entrepreneurs Say It's a Scam

It's not a very good sign of the program that most people are claiming it's a scam. In most cases, it means that it's a scam. Of course, there are some exceptions to this rule but I still think that this is one important thing to consider.

If experienced online entrepreneurs warn you about something, you should be very careful. Based on my experiences and researches most people who fall in the online scams are those who don't have much experience of making money online so they do get easily lured into the system.

It might sound exciting to a 0.3 Bitcoin per day but that is not possible without huge financial investments or large former experience.

3.Their Numbers Don't Match - Some People Say They Are Fake

If you go to Bitcoins Wealth Club homepage, you see that they are saying, "We have already +135,000 members and counting."

However, when you take a look at all their social media channels you see almost nobody. They had a Facebook page with around 7000 likes at the moment but almost nobody's interacting there.

So where are those 135,000 people?

Is Bitcoins Wealth Club ascam

Pyramid schemes concentrate on recruiting new people in order to make big money.

4. It's All About Recruiting

Do you know what are the main characteristics of pyramid schemes?

They usually don't have any real products and they only rely on recruiting more people to the program. Your goal within pyramid schemes is to rise to the top of the pyramid to make money from your downline.

New investors fund the whole system. All the rewards are paid for the old investors from the new investors. When new people stop coming to the system the pyramid collapses.

If the program doesn't have real products that provide value, it will eventually collapse. A pyramid scheme can go on for years, and in some rare situations even tens of years, but all of them will collapse sooner or later.

5."If It Walks Like a Duck, Looks Like a Duck..."

Have you ever heard of for duck test. If something walks like a duck, looks like a duck and sounds like a duck it probably is a duck.

We can also apply the same principle to online scams. If it looks like a scam, everybody says it's a scam, it is all characteristics of a scam it probably is a scam.

I have seen many programs collapsing over the years and almost always my predictions have been right. Usually, members of a pyramid scheme tried to defend their program as long as possible to make more money before it falls but it will not prevent the fact that eventually every pyramid scheme with fall.

My personal recommendation is that you should always stay away from shady programs and "opportunities". If you want to learn a legitimate way to make a living online, just click the link below and I will help you hand by hand until you succeed.

Bitcoin > Bitcoins Wealth Club

If you have been following my blog or my YouTube channel, you have probably noticed that I am a big believer in the future of cryptocurrency's.

I believe that in the future we will be able to pay our bills with cryptocurrencies, shop in the supermarket with Bitcoin (actually it is already possible in many places) and receive our salary in Ethereum (actually I already receive a part of my income in the form of cryptocurrencies).

That being said, we need to remember the difference between Bitcoin and shady programs like Bitcoins Wealth Club.

Bitcoin is the decentralized system that is run by thousands of computers all around the world. It provides real value like the Internet but many Ponzi schemes within the cryptocurrency space out trying to make their founders rich.

That is why is it always make your own research before you put your money into something. Ask somebody who has more experience with cryptocurrencies or making money online.

You can always ask me in the comments below and I will be sure to reply to you personally. My desire is that nobody would fall into scams anymore.

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​What kind of experiences do you have with Bitcoins Wealth Club and other similar systems?

Would you like to have my personal guidance to make money online legitimately?

Let me know in the comments below!

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

By Roope Kiuttu

Hello! I am Roope "Robert" Kiuttu, the founder and owner of I created this website back in 2015 to help you to make money online. You can ask me anything and I'll be happy to help you out. I help people daily to make more money online and I love seeing people succeeding. If you want to get my 1-on-1 support and help to make money online as well, get started HERE.


  1. I have never heard of this program. Since you clearly say “for those who wnat to lose money quickly,” I am going to stay away from this program. I have never liked MLM progragms. MLM programs is a way to cheat people by selling high priced products. I am interested i crypto currency, however, I don’t want to spend a lot of money n crypto currency trainin. IN stead I want to spend that money in trading itself.

    1. Yes I understand. I also prefer spending money on investing or trading instead of this kind of ‘courses’.

      Actually, I have also spent quite a significant amount of money on cryptocurrency investing but all those courses were legitimate and taught real and valuable skills.

      My cryptocurrency course costs just $10 so anybody can afford it. Even one or two powerful ideas from the course can be worth thousands of dollars over the time course. In the course, I explained the example how I lost $15,000 in one day by ignoring my own strategy. Of course, I have made more money on other days.

  2. I agree with you, Bitcoin Wealth Club shows to many signs and proves to be some sort of a scam site. There is no way any client of their will benefit from their services. Its clear that the company is making a lot while the clients are getting nothing.

    You are right that the site will close sooner or later. Scams like this don’t last long as we have reviewers like you to help us out and keep us informed about these sites.

    1. Yes, it’s always wiser to stay away from suspicious sites like Bitcoins Wealth Club. There are so many legitimate ways to make money so there is no need to risk in vain.

  3. For the fact that Bitcoin is one of hottest prospects through which one can make money by investing in digital currency makes it one of the most sought after means to scam people and make away with their money.

    By looking at how Bitcoins Wealth Club works, it has all the signs of a ponzi scheme which is very bad red flag. I love the way which you described it in the short review as a means to anyone looking to lose his or her money quickly because it’s definitely what it’s going to turn it since it’s success depends on more people entering their scheme which one day people will stop coming and it would mark the end of Bitcoins Wealth Club.

      1. Exactly, I believe that just like you have been able to discern these red flags in Bitcoin Wealth Club in basically being fashioned like a ponzi, I’m sure that others who are yet to invest in what they are offering would likely discover that soon, and once that happens in becoming a public information, nobody would still want to join the site which is going to mark its demise.

  4. Not another MLM . Oh dear. I wonder why they are not content to just educate. I tend to agree with you here. This programme looks like a scam. I’ve seen the presentation they concentrate more on the referral system.

    It was a good idea to sell a program on bitcoin education, as many people are trying to learn about bitcoin.I don’t know why they did not just stick to that. The other does not make sense. They have a completely horrible business model.

  5. So what I understood from your post is that its a scam where they are lying about having +135,000 members but actually,they don’t even have 1% of that members and they are encouraging people to join them so they can make easy money.

    Making a thousand per day is just too skeptical in my opinion. I think you are right that this is a indeed a scam site.

    What sites do you recommend Roope that have a similar idea but are legit?

    1. Yes, for me it feels that they are not telling the whole truth about Bitcoins Wealth Club. Who knows if they have 135 and thousand registered users? But I’m still quite skeptical about the legitimacy of this company.

      What do you specifically mean with a similar idea? There are many similar shady companies but I don’t recommend them at all.

      My number one recommendation for beginners who want to make money online is Wealthy Affiliate. It has taken me from zero to making a full-time income online and being able to travel all around the world. If I can do it, you can do it. πŸ™‚

  6. So Wealth club is not worthy, isn’t? I just want to give reminders for those people who are first timers in investing bitcoin just like me. Be careful investing online and in bitcoin cloud mining investments.

    Not all websites are legit and have good faith in business some are SCAMS. But we are thankful to have this blogging sites of Roope he helps us to find a legit sites.

    1. Bitcoins Wealth Club is not worth it. There are way too many scam signs that it’s wiser to stay away.

      Thank you for the positive feedback also my friend! πŸ™‚

  7. Any online business that is all about promoting the business to others before I start earning is not certainly for me and that is the main reason I would not be joining the Bitcoins Wealth Club.

    In Nigeria last two years, we had case of lots of Ponzi scheme and the consequences where many lost their money and this is the same way that I feel as I read through this article. To worsen it, some investors ain’t okay with it which is a red sign for anyone not to be part of whatever heaven that they promised on earth.

    1. Yeah, there has been way too many Ponzi schemes also on the Internet. My mission is to warn people about them so they wouldn’t fall into such systems πŸ˜€

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