GetUpside Reviews – Is Cashback App Scam Or Legit?!

GetUpside Reviews Featured Image 1
GetUpside Reviews Featured Image 1

Welcome to my GetUpside Review!

It sucks when you go to work 9 to 5 to earn the salary you need to spend on monthly expenses. 

If you drive to work, you need extra savings to cover the costs. If you already have a family, you need to work harder to support their needs.

This forces you to scour resources you could find to save money. You collect coupons to get at least a decent meal even without paying so much. You can drive to work without problems because you enjoy discounts from gasoline.

Wait. Is this some scam? No, the coupon system has been on the rise nowadays. Many people gather as many coupons as they can to save more money. 

Instead of spending $100 on groceries, maybe you spend less than the budgeted amount. The increasing demands for coupons reflect the economic tragedy, especially in the United States.

Because of that, the 2 former Google employees joined forces to help people to save more money from basic needs such as food and fuel. With that being said, let’s dive into the post. Shall we?

GetUpside Review - Quick Summary

Name: GetUpside

Founded: 2015

Founders: Alex Kinnier & Wayne Lin

Type: Coupon Service App

Price: Free

Best for: The free app, GetUpside, is intended to serve those who want to collect coupons in exchange for product discounts as well as getting the money back. Products linked are food- and fuel-related so far.

GetUpside Reviews Logo

Summary: GetUpside is a free coupon service app created by two former Google employees who joined forces to help more people. The company started its test-drive in selected gasoline stations in Washington D.C. Over the years, they support many establishments within the area + 10 more locations outside D.C.

Is GetUpside Recommended? Although collecting coupons might be a good resource to save more money on daily expenses, GetUpside has more stories to tell. Based on reviews, many people doubt this app works for them - if they could save money or fall into a scheme.


What Is GetUpside?

Established formally in 2015, two former Google employees, Alex Kinnier and Wayne Lin joined forces to help more people locally by creating a free app called GetUpside. 

It is a coupon service app intended, as the name suggests, to help people collect coupons generated from the partnered retail stores. 

During its test-drive, selected gasoline stations were partnered to see how the application mediates the retailers and the customers. 

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The retailers benefit from GetUpside by seeing the exact figures showing the income and profit they get from each transaction.

In its early stages, GetUpside wasn’t getting much attention especially in mid-2019 with only 5,000 downloads since its launching date. Oftentimes, the uber drivers use it primarily to save fuel expenses. 

GetUpside Reviews Values

These are the values that Kinnier and Lin, as well as its team, believe upon creating and supporting GetUpside. Do they really care? You'll find out later. Continue reading.

However, as more people succumbed from economic tragedy, more people prefer to collect coupons from different legitimate retailers to save more. Not only from fuel expenses, but they also collected coupons for groceries.

Consequently, the app downloads raised to 100,000 and counting today, making GetUpside founder and their team sought success. 

To date, they employ around 24 people working hand-in-hand to assist its users, ensuring their smooth and pleasant experience with the app.

GetUpside continues to seek partnerships from different sectors in- and outside Washington D.C., the location where the app was first tested. 

As of now, they have 10 partners from the fuel industries and groceries, as well as other undisclosed retailers. 

GetUpside Reviews Founders

GetUpside founders, Alex Kinnier and Wayne Lin. Both are former Google employees.

Who Is GetUpside For?

If you are already familiar with how Ebates work, GetUpside might be also considered a good option to earn money and, at the same time, benefit from discounts from grocery purchases, restaurant dine ins, or refueling our cars. 

Coupons are created for all people regardless of race or economic background. As long as you prefer frugal living, GetUpside is a good way to save more money from daily expenses. 

Its system is similar to BeFrugal, which is one of the leading cashback sites in the world. According to the review, whoever joins will get paid every single day. 

How does this work?

For instance, you want to purchase something on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and other retailer stores, you can get discounts and the chance to get the cashback. 

befrugal cashback review

GetUpside follows the same system as BeFrual, another cashback company.

With that being said, GetUpside has clarified its shared market as the app caters to the same type of audience other “frugal opportunities” exist.

Whenever you purchase something from the partnered retailers, you will get the same benefits from GetUpside. 

You will earn discounts and the chance to get your money back from the number of purchases you made. If you think the retailers will lose money, it is not.

The truth is they get a percentage share from GetUpside brought by partnership while making a profit from the recent transaction. 

It is a win-win deal for all parties involved per transaction. Wayne Lin, the co-founder of GetUpside, told Aaron Gregg of the Washington Post that the retailers get more advantages when using the app because it shows them the real figures. They will see how much they earn from every transaction. 

GetUpside Reviews Promise

Creating GetUpside is rooted from this cause. To help local businesses by winning more customers without compromising their income and profit.

"Retailers can effectively lower their prices without their competitors finding out by exactly how much they are being undercut - effectively allowing the chosen gas stations to sidestep natural price competition, obscuring the 'true price' of gas through the app," Gregg wrote based on Lin's statements.

The only downside to point out for far is its limited partnerships with retailers, which is quite understandable. They are quite a new company and are continuously seeking retailers who passed their qualifications for the said partnership.

Nonetheless, GetUpside offers attractive deals to its stakeholders without compromising their economic welfare. 

The customers get discounts from their purchases, the retails can get profits, and the company gets its fair share from every transaction. 

Pros & Cons of GetUpside

To go deeper into the potential income opportunity of GetUpside, we got here the pros and cons that will help you weigh your decisions about whether to become a bonafide member or not. 

Aside from that, to better answer the questions with regards to the legitimacy of the company and its flagship coupon service app, we’ll discuss it here.

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1. Free Coupon Service App/Cashback App

Kinnier and Lin created GetUpside as a free coupon service application. It can be downloaded when you visit their official website and get your unique download link to access the app.

2. Promote a Frugal Lifestyle

Just as any coupon service provider out there, this system promotes a frugal lifestyle among people. 

At least in that way, it helps those who haven’t much to spend on restaurants, groceries, and gasoline to do daily routines. 

Thus, making GetUpside become a household name after catering work and home-related concerns. 

“Every customer gives incremental profit and we can prove that through the data that we use,” Lin told the Washington Post in an article published two years ago. 

GetUpside helps local restaurants, grocery stores, and gasoline stations to promote their businesses while enjoying the benefits they get from each customer.

3. Helps Local Small Businesses

"They're seeing an opportunity for them where we can help their stations make money at a regional and local level,” Lin told the same source. 

As I mentioned earlier, the retailers can see the exact amount of money they earned in a transaction. Although they provide the coupons credited for the next transaction, they are not losing money. 

Instead, they can boost their income, making a substantial profit from their partnership with GetUpside. 

In addition to that, the retailer can compete with the market around the town without getting involved in trouble with the surrounding retailers. That gives them an edge in the business regardless they cater to the same target market.

1. Bad Rating on BBB

As much as the application appeals to its target market, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) saw the other way around. 

GetUpside failed to please the reputable company review source and its users by receiving more than 60 complaints within a short time. 

The BBB recorded 69 complaints and the GetUpside team only managed to respond to 65 concerns. 

One of the dissatisfied users complained about the same platform without hearing any word from the company or their staff. 

"I have not received my referral bonus for the last 2 people I have referred... have nothing purchased more than $10 in gas and received their upside/cashback yet I still haven't received anything. However, it does show that they have downloaded the app and have gotten upside," he wrote on the BBB.

GetUpside Reviews Complaints

Better Business Bureau (BBB) received 69 complaints against GetUpside within 2 years.

2. No BBB Accreditation

Concerning my previous point, due to the overwhelming number of complaints received against GetUpside, it is logical for the BBB not to issue an accreditation status.

This is because an accreditation status is only given to bonafide companies that provide complete information about their company, giving clarity about their mission and goals to define their services.

Further, this could also mean their dedication to serving its users with high-quality or top-notch customer service.

GetUpside Reviews BBB

Better Business Bureau (BBB) failed to recognize GetUpside as an accredited company & its safe for users to use the free app.

3. More Doubtful Users

"Just about the worst idea for an app I ever heard of. What it does in effect is obliterate transparency in pricing. This is exactly why people hate car dealers because you never know what the real price is," a dissatisfied user wrote on the Washington Post. 

Lin may have clarified how GetUpside system in which the retailers can see the exact figures in each transaction; however, many people still doubt if this would cause retailers to abuse the application, fooling people about the real price of the product they would purchase.

4. Not "Really" Available On App Store

As enticing as it may sound, the fact that GetUpside isn’t available on Google Play and App Store as opposed to their claims. 

Thus, it makes the application less appealing. Especially most people are actively engaging on the phone all day.

If GetUpside could have made a bigger step and made the app available on these platforms, it makes it easier to reach out to billions of people around the world than relying on press and other strategies to attract users to your site. 

This is just for the sake of getting the app. Not everyone likes to scour around Google and search for GetUpside on the web. 

As I pointed out, it could have been better if the company made it available on the above-mentioned platforms to make the distribution easier and faster.

GetUpside Reviews Landing Page

GetUpside claims to have made the app available on App Store. I tried searching for it, it's not available.

Is GetUpside a Scam?

Regardless of the number of complaints from its dissatisfied users, GetUpside remains legitimate with their services. Otherwise, the Washington Post wouldn’t have wasted their time writing about a scam.

Given, GetUpside may fail to earn accreditation status, approval of the public about the worthwhile free coupon service app, they pursue to change the game. During its initial stages, the app is tested and approved by gasoline stations.

So, they tried partnering with grocery stores around the areas in D.C. and successfully managed the system in this sector. Today, they include restaurants as part of their partnered businesses that will be eligible for GetUpside. 

Despite the negative outlook of most people, GetUpside remains popular as a coupon service application, which is made available for public use without a cost. 

You just have to go to their website and get your unique downloadable link via phone messaging. It’s not available on Google Play or App Store.

GetUpside Reviews Groceries-min

GetUpside claims to pay 15% cash depending on the number of grocery purchases made.

Conclusion - Is GetUpside Worth It?

Given the information gathered in this post, GetUpside is not worth your time. Although the offers are attractive at first glance, it will cause more troubles in the long run.

Besides, not all locations are supported in the app. If you live outside DC, you might face more limitations that their main market, the residents and locals of the Washington DC, where they started.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) failed to recognize the app and the company per se in terms of its accreditation status. 

Most companies that failed to provide the required information tend to have suspicious activities or shady products.

It appears that the company itself isn’t confident in the product they promote. Aside from that, an accreditation status also means the approval of the BBB with GetUpsides’s manner of responding to concerns. 

As you can see below, these are among the unanswered issues from its users left abandoned by the company. From there, it gives you an insight into how your experience will be if problems occur with the app. 

GetUpside Reviews BBB Complaints

These are among the complaints filed against GetUpside.

It’s either you will hear a word from them months after you submitted the complaint or you will never hear anything from them at all.

Because of that, it’s best to stay away from this application. If you want to live a frugal lifestyle, just try to spend less on material things and focus your expenses on what you need as a human being.

That’s all. 

Can you do it?

Now that I shared my thoughts on my “GetUpside Reviews” post, it’s time to turn the table and ask about your experience, in general.

What kinds of experiences do you have with making money with GetUpside? Is it worth your time, money, and effort?

Do you prefer to begin earning your first passive income through affiliate marketing or you instead invest your time, money, and effort into income-generating opportunities like this?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

If you need any help to get started making money online, don't hesitate to ask in the comments below and we'll be happy to help you out! 

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