Day 7: Big Secret to Make BIG Money Online

You can give yourself a pat on the back. By following my 7-day email course:

  • You learned the 4-step process to make money online.
  • You built your very own website.
  • You understood how to make money with Amazon.
  • You saw that this really works.
  • You learned what is a niche and you chose yours.

You're doing Great!

What is the BIG secret to making money online?

I can give you some clues:

  • It's not about how good you are at website design.
  • It's not about how good writer you are.
  • It's not about how much experience you have.

So, what is it?

It's your WHY.

Day 7 - Find Your "WHY"

The key is to finding your reason Why you want to make money online.

What drives you forward?

I can give you my WHYs:

  • I want to make a positive impact on the world by helping other people to achieve a better life.
  • One day when I die, I want that I have left a positive legacy on this world.
  • Enough money so I can always contribute to other people.

These are the WHY's that are driving me forward. Your WHY's may be the same or completely different 

They say that when the WHY is big enough, the HOW will come.

You'll learn all the skills you need on Wealthy Affiliate if you just have the motivation to go through the training.

Here are just a few examples what will happen when your WHY is strong enough:

  1. How I Earned $9465.05 Thanks To WA Members
  2. Broke My First $100 In A Single Day (June Update)
  3. Joined the 10K Per Month Club. January Earnings $13,481.39​​​​​​​

Day 7 - Your Steps to Success

#1 Step - Write Down Your WHY

Why do you want to make money online?

Why do you want to succeed?

What kind of impact will it have on your life? On your family? On your loved ones?

=> Write down your WHYs

#2 Step: Upgrade Your Starter Account to Premium

Now you have probably seen and experienced how Wealthy Affiliate can and will change your life.

The free Starter account is a blessing but Premium account takes your progress to the next level.

Your chances of success will be at least 400% better with a premium membership.

Imagine the positive impact the change it will have it on your life when you make money online.

You can still get your first month of premium for just $19. A price of a couple of pizzas can change the rest of your life. I'm not exaggerating. You know how my own life changed with WA.

=> Click here and join us at the Premium level!

7-Day Plan to Your Success

At the bottom of emach email, you will find the past and future lessons. This list will help you to stay on track and follow the plan. You can also easily return to previous lessons by following this plan.

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Day 7: 
Big Secret to Make BIG Money Online

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