Cloudways Reviews [Web Developers’ Recommended 2019?!]

Learn Through Cloudways Reviews How It Becomes Recommendable Hosting Platform. Today, Terrible Customer Support & Other Issues Push Customers Away. Read More.
Learn Through Cloudways Reviews How It Becomes Recommendable Hosting Platform. Today, Terrible Customer Support & Other Issues Push Customers Away. Read More.

Welcome to my "Cloudways Reviews" Post!

There are a bunch of Cloudways reviews out there; however, we’re going to dig into this more in-depth than any other posts published on Google. How are we going to do that?

First, we have to determine the background of this hosting company through various reputable sources. Second, we listen to what others say about this platform, whether they have had a pleasant experience with Cloudways or not.

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Now stay towards the end of the post as we discuss this company first. Got that? Great! I’m super stoked with this review.

Cloudways Reviews - Quick Summary

Name: Cloudways

Founded: 2011

Type: Software as a Service (SaaS) Platform

Price: Free to $274/month

Best for: As a software providing hosting platform for internet geeks and website owners alike, Cloudways is the best option to manage many websites regardless if they’re for e-commerce, design agencies, developers, and bloggers alike.

Learn Through Cloudways Reviews How It Becomes Recommendable Hosting Platform. Today, Terrible Customer Support & Other Issues Push Customers Away. Read More.

Summary: Established in 2011, Cloudways has been the leading option for website owners who own a lot of online assets, particularly websites. With the need to manage the web hosting, it serves as the all-in-one web hosting platform to accommodate that need to keep track rather than having their websites in various web hosting providers.

Is Cloudways Recommended? No, I’ll tell you the details in a while.

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What Is Cloudways? 

Established in 2011, Cloudways is a hosting platform intended to host many websites in one system. Which is why many website owners prefer using this - without minding the payment - because it allows them to manage 75 sites, for example, in just one place.

You can take a look at the video below and see how it works for most of the websites, and why most website owners use this platform to track, monitor, and manage their online assets via Cloudways.

How Does Cloudways Work?

"They aren't really a hosting company. But I disagree that they're just a hosting control panel," Julian Scarfe, an experienced WordPress developer, wrote on Quora.

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Yes, Cloudways may seem like a web hosting provider, but they aren't. They simply provide access to what they call the "modern cloud servers." It’s not like SiteGround or Bluehost. It’s not even Global Domains of some sort.

In simple terms, this is like a hub of websites with different web hosting providers to keep them live online, integrated into one place.

As someone without experience or understanding in this field, it's easier for you to handle lots of websites in one place because Cloudways has done it for you.

According to Scarfe, it follows the combination of the 3 core services:

  • Automated set up of cloud server
  • A control panel to manage applications
  • Technical support

Arkadiusz Hukalowicz mentioned that the platform's software is pre-installed with 100% mark up, apparently open for virtual private servers from various third-party suppliers.

That means Cloudways don't own any server to keep your websites going. Instead, they outsource it from "various third-party suppliers."

Generally, it's like a platform for managers, whether it's you, the site owner, or whoever runs the sites. At least, Cloudways make it easier rather than handling one website to the other.

How to Make Money with Cloudways?

Cloudways offer 2 ways to make money with the affiliate program, which is claimed to be "high-paying web hosting affiliate program." You simply have to choose which industry you belong and apply on the specified plan applicable to you.

Option 1: Slab Plan

This is intended for those affiliates who prefer referring customers regularly with $125 per sale commission on the Performance Slabs. Hence, the ideal ones are those who work as performance marketers and media publishers.

Every month, you're going to receive payouts only if they reach the threshold of $250. That's going to be $50 per slab. Thus, in a month, you're likely to earn $250 per slab, and in each chunk comprises 5 customers.  

Regardless if you, an affiliate, choose Hybrid or Customer Plan, you're open for moving from one plan to the other depending on your convenience.

Cloudways Reviews Slab Plan

Cloudways' Slab Plan for affiliates in media publishing and bigger companies

Option 2: Hybrid Plan

If you opt to make passive income, this is the best option you get in which you're entitled to receive $30 commission rates per sale + 7% lifetime commission.

Not only that, but Cloudways also allows you to earn recurring payouts with the condition that the referred users stay in the plan.

Within 12 months, if you have 10 customers per month, you're estimated earnings reach $4,801 ($169.40 per month, churn rate under 3%). The

The same as the Slab Plan, you get monthly payouts with a threshold of $250, which is ideal for bloggers, developers, freelancers, as well as digital agencies.

Cloudways Reviews Hybrid Plan

This is how the Hybrid Plan for affiliates who are bloggers, etc.

Cloudways [UGLY] Truths Revealed!

1. No Root Access To Servers

Although Cloudways gives access to tons of websites in one SaaS, it doesn't provide the "superuser" access or what the developers call the root access to the server per se. Hence, a big problem for most website owners.

2. Terrible Technical Support

Since Cloudways progress to its existing business operations, their relationship and reputation to the eyes of the website geeks turn sour. Why is this happening?

It's because the platform fails to grant access to technical support. Often, users face hurdles with access to servers, which isn't possible.

"The customer support is the worst I've ever seen. When I open [the] live chat, a simple request can take 45 minutes to finish, and that's with me constantly pushing them," Jonathan Shyman, a website owner, stated on the forum.

Cloudways Reviews Complaint

Jonathan Shyman complained about the technical staff ignoring his concerns on the platform.

3. Problems With Payment Methods

Some dissatisfied users found hassles upon paying the platform, especially after migration. This is based on the report of Ibrahim Sasmaz from Turkey, who reported on Host Advice that Cloudways try to kill his business by not having a seamless process of migrating his websites on the mentioned platform.

What I Like About Cloudways?

1. High Scores On Various Review Sites

With an average of 9.2 out of 10 ratings on Host Advice, 4.5 out of 5-star ratings on another review forums, there's no doubt that Cloudways satisfied a lot of its stakeholders based on the figures per se.

Cloudways Reviews Positive

One of the few review sites with high ratings for Cloudways

2. Easy Installation

As Scarfe mentioned in the forum, Cloudways is launched as a manager to several websites in one platform, targeting those who aren't geeks in website and WordPress per se.

In fact, it's a one-click install kind of platform. Not only it provides a user-friendly experience upon migration to their own online properties (websites, etc.), it also offers free SSL certificates, which is really terrific. 

3. Supports Various CMS

Among the top 5 content management systems, WordPress tops of them all with almost 90% of the content users. The rest comprises Drupal, Magento, Joomla, and Moodle.

4. Web Developers' Recommended Platform

One of them is Alberto Speggiorin, who has been working as a developer, mentioned on one of the forums I came across, that Cloudways has been the best because of seamless logging of SSH terminal, among others related to the backend of websites. Also, he praised how fast WordPress was.

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"Plus, prices keep on going down...we are so happy!" he said.

Cloudways Reviews CMS

Cloudways integrates various content management systems (CMS) like WordPress, or whatever you use to host the content of your website, regardless if you're a blogger or an online seller.

5. Free SSL Certifications

Once you become one of Cloudways' members, you can enjoy free encrypted SSL certificates, which help your websites' security through the user interface.

Not only the issuance of the SSL certificates, but the company also guarantees the easy installations for the sites.

The users without a background in web development do not need to learn about PHP applications and all the technical stuff because Cloudways have done all the dirty work for them.

6. No Contract Pricing

The users have to pay Cloudways per month without drama whenever they change their minds and leave the platform. They don't have to have contracts or whatsoever hassle.​

In fact, they follow the pay-as-you-go and per server hour payment basis. Further, they accept various payment methods, such as PayPal and major credit cars. Before, they took bitcoin payments, but they discontinued. 

Cloudways Reviews - What Others Say About The Platform?

“Cloudways's hosting services stand out for their [powerful] features,” Ilya Hazanov, a web development expert, wrote on the forum as a conclusion to the review.

According to him, the platform by itself is a great one in terms of integrating various websites in one hosting SaaS. 

He also added that the company made sure that the stakeholders (obviously the website owners) will have its flexibility in terms of customization without compromising the excellent value. Hence, Cloudways is a recommendable hosting tool for most web developers.

In terms of managing the web assets (websites, blogs, etc.), it’s been a pleasant experience for most of the users, albeit the inevitable concerns for migration, terrible customer support, and payment hassles.

Cloudways Reviews Hazanov Review

Summary of Hazanov's review about Cloudways

However, in the eyes of the web developer, who’s working the backend of every website, Cloudways is helpful - if not, the most exceptional tool - they could to manage every website they own with ease.

“The one-stop Cloud Console makes operations simple for customers who don't want to deal with command lines and multiple user interfaces,” Gary McGath, a software developer, mentioned in his blog.

Is Cloudways A Scam? 

Based on the research I did concerning Cloudways’ activities, there’s no doubt that this company has been acclaimed as one of the leading platforms in terms of cloud servers. If most of the web developers and software programmers recommend it, there’s no reason to doubt its legitimacy.

Even if there are actual inevitable occurrences, we couldn’t merely label Cloudways as a scam just because of common issues.

We have to consider if they are real, which they are, and their flagship service, which exists. Both of these are legitimate. Therefore, there’s no reason to consider the company and its existing services as a scam. 

Cloudways Reviews Landing Page-min

Cloudways' landing page featuring the summary of their services and option to sign-up

#1 Online Business Opportunity

Promoting cloud servers like Cloudways would take a lot of effort and time due to the specificity of its audience.

If you take a look at it, you’re actually targeting software developers, web developers, and a few of learned website owners alike. 

Based on what we researched, it’s obvious that not all of the website owners are knowledgeable enough about servers and how they work, in general.

How To Get Paid To Read Emails Content Image 1

You don't have to learn the technical stuff of WordPress to start earning as an online marketer.

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Now that I shared my thoughts in my “Cloudways Reviews” post, it’s time to turn the table and ask about your experience, in general.

What kinds of experiences do you have with making money with Cloudways? Is it worth your time, money, and effort?

Do you prefer to begin earning your first passive income through affiliate marketing or you instead invest your time, money, and effort to income-generating opportunities like this?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

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