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Is PlanNet Marketing A Scam? MLM Related To InteleTravel?!

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Welcome to my PlanNet Marketing Review!

Is Plannet Marketing a scam? If you are already familiar with how the travel multi-level marketing companies work, then, understanding how this new MLM wouldn’t be too hard to understand. I suppose. 

Most of these types of network marketing companies use travel itineraries arranged for their customers to enjoy as a flagship product. Often, most members lose money when building a business with this type of opportunity.

That brings us to the #1 recommended guide that’s going to take you through the step-by-step process in building your business using the internet. 

By establishing the foundation of your business, gone are the days of delving the guessing game. Roope Kiuttu, the founder of Your Online Revenue LLC, will teach you how. Click the green button below to get started.

Now, we’re all set. Are you ready to learn more about this new MLM? If yes, let’s dive into it. Shall we?

PlanNet Marketing Review - Quick Summary

Name: PlanNet Marketing

Founded: 2015

Founder: Donald Bradley

Type: Multi-Level Marketing Company

Price: $19.95 to $199.90 + additional monthly subsciption fees

Best for: Nobody. Selling travel packages could be a good business but it’s not going to provide you a lucrative source of income if you solely rely on this product unless you work harder to promote tourism or become a travel vlogger of some sort.

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Summary: Established in Georgia back in 2015, Donald Bradley founded PlanNet Marketing as a network marketing company that’s going to provide attractive, affordable travel packages to its customers. Its MLM structure pushes its members to recruit for bonuses. When they generate sales, they earn commissions. 

Is PlanNet Marketing Recommended? No. We don’t recommend multi-level marketing companies as the main source of lucrative income. PlanNet Marketing lures its users to join by showing attractive compensation plan.

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Is Traverus Global A Scam? [Shady Direct Sales EXPOSED!]

Is Traverus Global A Scam? PayCation CEO & Founder, David Manning, Established Direct Sales With Shady Business For Travelers? Learn More About Income It Here.

Welcome to my Traverus Global Review!

You love to travel, which is why you’re here. You want to know, “Is Traverus Global a scam?” Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here at all. You wouldn’t be interested to see if you could do business out of your expensive hobby. Am I right?

I’ve heard you loud and clear. You want to make some profit from traveling across different places around the United States and the world, seeing the wonders of nature and beauty of culture. However, the traveling per se would be a lot better if you take the expense from a passive income.

Given, joining the #1 online business opportunity is the best option you have, my friend. Even if you don’t pursue any multi-level marketing or direct sales company, you possess the skills that attract high-income or wealth in the long run?

Do you want that? If so, click the link or read the whole post and read towards the end the offer you shouldn’t miss. Are we all set now? Let’s do it. Shall we?

Traverus Global Review - Quick Summary

Name: Traverus Global

Founded: 2016

Founder: David Manning

Type: Direct Sales Company

Price: $199.95 (one-time fee for Referral Travel Consultancy); $399.95 (one-time fee for Certified Travel Consultancy)

Best for: Since this is a travel-based direct sales company, Traverus Global is best for people who love to travel to ensure the full benefits of what this company is about. In return, the members make money by luring others to join and earn commissions per referral corresponding to the ranks, too.

Is Traverus Global A Scam? PayCation CEO & Founder, David Manning, Established Direct Sales With Shady Business For Travelers? Learn More About Income It Here.

Summary: Established in Texas in 2006, David Manning founded Traverus Global preceded Paycation, a multi-level marketing company that caters to the travel needs providing cheap travel packages.

Is Traverus Global Recommended? No, I’ll tell you the details in a while. For now, it’s best to find other online opportunities to enjoy 100% vacation through passive income. Click the green button below and learn how to get started today.

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How to Live in Bulgaria as a Digital Nomad? – Cheap and Beautiful!

Hello, dear reader of!

Today I published a videoblog called, “How to Live in Bulgaria as a Digital Nomad?” In the video, you can see my life in Bulgaria. It shows some benefits of being a digital nomad and earning money online.

You have a freedom to travel around the world. You can live in cheap places that are still amazing and would cost a lot in your home country.

How to Live in Bulgaria as a Digital Nomad? – Video Blog

Is Bulgaria a Good Place to Live?

People ask questions like, “Is it cheap to live in Bulgaria? How much does it cost to live in Bulgaria? Is Bulgaria safe? Is Bulgaria in the EU?”

Based on my experience and what I have discussed with many other people, I have come to a following conclusion.

Bulgaria is a much better place to live for a foreigner than its reputation.

Bulgaria is a cheap place but still there many great things: delicious food, beautiful women, relaxing nature with mountains and much more.

Yes, Bulgaria is an Eastern European country and the country isn’t as highly developed as some countries in the Western Europe but it has its own benefits. For people who make money online (like myself) living in Bulgaria is way cheaper than living in expensive countries like Switzerland or Norway.

The Weather in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is also located better, in my opinion than Nordic countries. I have lived  the most of my life so far in my home country Finland where the most of the year is pretty cold. The Autumn and Winter are pretty tough if you know what I’m talking about! 😉

In Bulgaria you have a comfortable Autumn weather even now in November. It’s around 10-15 degrees during the day and the sun stays much longer than in the North. Of course, Spring and Summer are even warmer and more bright.

The nature in Bulgaria

Bulgaria has a beautiful nature and mountains.

Cost of Living in Bulgaria

In the video I explained the cost of living more in detail but here are some guidelines that will give you an idea.


  • Apartment from AirBnb: 250-550€/month
  • For shorter stay: Apartment in Sofia for +25€/night
  • Own 1-room apartment from Sunny Beach: +25,000€


  • TAXI:
  • 3,5KM = 2€
  • 5KM = ~4€
Alexander Nevsky Cathedral Is a Famous Landmark in Sofia

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral Is a Famous Landmark in Sofia

  • 200km ~5€


  • Depends a lot where you are but in general very cheap.
  • Full lunch for two: ~10€
  • (Buffet) Breakfast, lunch + dinner in a restaurant of a 5-star hotel in total: 20€


  • Banana: 1€ /kg
  • Tomato: ~1-1,5€/kg
  • Milk: ~1€/liter
  • High-quality minced meat (beef): 4-5€/kg
  • High-quality Chicken filee: 4-5€/kg
  • Normal Chicken: 1-2€/kg

For more detailed information, check out,, and

You can check out the video below where I visit in a Bulgarian supermarket:

Do You Want Have a Freedom to Travel Around the World?

I had seen people on the Internet who make money online. Some of them made even +$10,000/month and it seemed pretty amazing. My mentor Nathaniell Brenes explained that he started looking for opportunities while he was living in China. The idea of earning dollars on the Internet while living in a cheap country sounded exciting.

He found an opportunity, started working on it and exceeded all his goals. Then he started teaching also other people how they could earn money on the Internet. I landed on his blog one day in 2015 and started studying what he was doing.

He introduced me to a website and a training center called Wealthy Affiliate. He explained that their training had helped him step-by-step to make money on the Internet. I was a bit skeptical but I knew that Nathaniell and other people inside the community were making good money with their websites.

Living in Bulgaria

The view from my balcony. Living in Bulgaria isn’t that bad, huh? 😉

One 20-year-old man in Wealthy Affiliate made big money online by writing a blog about computers and all the equipment. One lady started a mom blog and she has earned very well. I realized that there were numerous ways to make money online.

I went through WA training and put it powerfully into action. Nowadays I can say that I am officially a “digital nomad” and I make my living on the Internet. I would like to help you as well. Click the link below to get started.

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If you are interested in other resources, check out my full list of online jobs and pick up something that interest you.

What are your experiences with Bulgaria?

Would you like to learn to become a “digital nomad” as well?

Let’s discuss in the comments below! 🙂

Also, if you have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.