Cambridge Weight Plan Reviews [Dangerous Restrictive Diet?!]

Read My Cambridge Weight Plan Reviews With Brutally Honest & Comprehensive Discussion About Direct Sales Company's Dangerous Highly Restrictive Diet Plan. Read More.
Read My Cambridge Weight Plan Reviews With Brutally Honest & Comprehensive Discussion About Direct Sales Company's Dangerous Highly Restrictive Diet Plan. Read More.

Welcome to my Cambridge Weight Plan Review!

First of all, I want to congratulate you on doing your research and looking Cambridge Weight Plan reviews and for the Best Business Opportunity!

To me, it sounds you’re getting serious with earning an income this year in a way that’s passive and residual at the same time.

Before we dig into that, I’d like to introduce you about the topic we’re going to review today. I know there are lots of Cambridge Weight Plan reviews published online, however, I haven’t found a comprehensive review about it.

So, I took the time to research and gather as many information as I could and wrote a post about it here. That said, I don’t want to waste your time and read the post before you decide to join the company or not.

Are you ready? Let’s dig into it. Shall we?

Cambridge Weight Plan Review - Quick Summary

Name: Cambridge Weight Plan

Founded: 1984

Type: Direct Sales Company

Price: Approximately $66.23 to $95.13

Best for: People who are interested to become a consultant and earn an income by selling and promoting the commercial weight loss program to their target market, obviously those wish to shed off some of the extra pounds for a healthy body they desired.

Read My Cambridge Weight Plan Reviews With Brutally Honest & Comprehensive Discussion About Direct Sales Company's Dangerous Highly Restrictive Diet Plan.

Summary: Cambridge Weight Plan is a direct sales company based in the UK that’s been offering the commercial weight loss program of the same name in 1984. Since their first business operation began, their promotion became nonstop as they were more and more people taking interest in joining the program to lose weight.

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What Is Cambridge Weight Plan? 

Cambridge Weight Plan Ltd is a direct sales company based in Northants, UK. Founded in 1984 by Dr. Alan Howard, a biochemist, and Dr. Ian McLean-Baird, his colleague, their flagship weight loss program of the same name splurged as many people immediately got hooked with the "perfect diet."

Howard graduated in Cambridge, leading to the use of the same school name to his product and later built a direct sales company to mediate them and their market by means of recruiting many consultants.

For 35 years of providing a high-quality and famous commercial weight loss program, the company expanded to more than 220 employed staff working hand-in-hand and created a branch to welcome its prospective members as consultants.

How Does Cambridge Weight Plan Work?

Basically, this is a personalized weight loss program just like how Herbalife, a renowned Multi-Level Marketing does. That means there's no uniform program for everyone.

Each of them is specialized for your body needs depending on how much weight you should lose without compromising your health and your lifestyle.

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What happens first is you need to approach a consultant before you begin your first session. You can go to their one-to-one support and choose a diet plan option right for you.

Afterward, your consultant will evaluate the information and provide the apt program for you to follow in a step-by-step process.

How to Make Money with Cambridge Weight Plan?

The only way to make money in this direct sales company is through becoming one of their consultants. You make profits from the consultations you collect on a  day-to-day basis depending on the number of people approach you for the program.

Other than that, there are no other means to earn more money nor chances to get higher compensation with a higher rank just as in an MLM business. Neither the exact profit you’d get from each sale isn’t disclosed unless if you approach a consultant to know it.

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Cambridge Weight Plan [UGLY] Truths Revealed!

1. No Compensation Plan Disclosed

There’s no access to the compensation plan as to how a consultant earns and how much would the retail profits be in every sale.

2. Exclusivity

As far as my observation goes, there is a subtle feel of exclusivity with access within the UK regions, including Ireland, when it comes to knowing more details about the company.

3. Potential Side Effects

In every weight loss program, there’s a lot of inevitable concerns, given that the body adjusts to the food intake and its sudden changes in the diet.

Once you join the program, you might experience digestive discomforts, nausea, bad breath, and hair thinning.

4. Highly Restrictive Diet

I tried intense diets and I only ended up yo-yo. It’s not a good thing to restrict so much food, especially doing it abruptly.

That’s because it won’t be a long-term plan. Rather, it would lead you back to your normal routine and increase weight again.

Cambridge Weight Plan Reviews Landing Page - Your Online Revenue-min

Cambridge Weight Plan official website landing page

5. Trigger For Eating Disorders

As someone with an eating disorder, it usually starts with dieting. I am not saying every weight loss program will lead you to this destructive lifestyle.

But the nature Cambridge Weight Plan is implementing its course is enough to trigger this serious and dangerous illness.

6. Expensive Product Line

When you try to see the program itself, there’s no fancy stuff included in the program. You are actually spending more money on it, excluding the food and ingredients you need on a day-to-day basis to make sure you follow the plan. Well, in fact, you can simply cut unnecessary unhealthy food in your diet.

7. No Diverse Product Line

This makes the disadvantage for the consultants. If ever you plan to make money by selling this program, you need to make sure you gather as many people as you can daily to ensure more income.

Otherwise, you won’t gain anything unless if you really love this program (and becomes a personal charity).

What I Like About Cambridge Weight Plan [So Far...]?

1. 35 Years In The Industry

The fact they existed in the past 3 decades means their doing their business great. While there’s a lot of positive reviews in this program, I assume it’s an effective weight loss program for different people regardless of their background.

Cambridge Weight Plan Reviews - What Other People Say About The Product?

As far as the reviews go, there are many people who gave a positive review than I expected from this program. Hence, Cambridge Weight Plan is not a scam because they are a real company, with real employees, and real product to offer.

Although there’s no available Better Business Bureau record as well as their ratings and accreditation, this program seems to have been doing a great job for the past 3 decades since they started in this industry.

Based on Product Review with only 2 reviews, there's 4 and 5 out of 5 rating from 2 program recipients.

One of them wrote that the Cambridge Weight Plan is effective to his weight loss endeavor without compromising his meals. He eats a variety of products that taste good for around 8 weeks and saw the results.

Cambridge Weight Plan Reviews Positive Review - Your Online Revenue

One of the 2 Cambridge Weight Plan Reviews on Product Review AU

Further, another reviewer mentioned that Cambridge provided heaps of products "like water flavorings" mixed to improve the taste while the diet is ongoing.

However, many medical blogs warned this program isn't good for a long-term weight management strategy since it encourages a strict very low-calorie diet plan.

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Even a representative from Cambridge Weight Plan, Kerensa Preedy-Houston mentioned there are some obese clients developed gallstones while they're doing the program. In addition to that, they also experience gout and uric acid increase.

That said, many experts recommend keeping hydrated while they pursue the weight loss program to compensate for the calorie loss. In addition to that, they encourage the clients to have enough sleep, especially in the first few weeks of the program.

Have enough tea, specifically herbal and fruit teas to combat the potential side effects while using the Cambridge Weight Plan products.

Another thing to keep in mind is to eat more greens since they're low in calorie but they're healthy enough to sustain the body's daily needs.

Cambridge Weight Plan Reviews Employee Review - Your Online Revenue

Cambridge Weight Plan Employee Review Summary On Indeed.Com

As for being a consultant or an employee working in Cambridge Weight Plan, there are opposing thoughts, apparently.

Most of them tackle the company's trouble in managing the entire team as well as the lack of direction from the executives per se. Although they enjoy working, the human resource problem remains a huge concern.

On top of that, there are also problems with the stocks due to the geographical location leading to the negative concerns in the income from the staff.

Is Cambridge Weight Plan A Scam?

Based on the research I gathered, Cambridge Weight Plan is not a scam. Rather, it’s a legitimate direct sales company with a real program to offer for their target market.

Though the aspirations of its founders are great, I saw the downsides of this program both in a business perspective and personal.

What I mean in personal perspective is on behalf of those who wanted to give the program a shot as a means to lose weight and in a business perspective, obviously, is the opportunity to earn an income as a consultant.

Cambridge Weight Plan Reviews Content Image 1 - Your Online Revenue

Albeit there’s no existing compensation plan disclosed on their official website (no matter how much I dug into their company details), there is no available income rate for those who wish to join the company and become their consultants.

On the other hand, from a personal perspective, it’s not wise to rely on the weight loss programs to lose weight.

There’s nothing that beats the natural way to lose some pounds but eliminate the factors that causes obesity and other weight issues, such as too much bad fat intake, too much sugar, and among others.

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Now that I shared my thoughts about my “Cambridge Weight Plan Reviews” post, it’s time to turn the tables and ask you about it.

What kind of experiences did you have with Cambridge Weight Plan?

Do you prefer to earn an income by selling products in a direct sales company as Cambridge Weight Plan does? Or you rather earn passive income this year?

What do you think about this online business program? Would you like to give this a shot?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

If you need any help to get started making money online, don't hesitate to ask in the comments below and we'll be happy to help you out! 

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