Tube Journey To Freedom

Tube Journey To FreedomSee the Steps That Took Me from 0 to EARNING $30,000+/Month on YouTube!


to Succeed on YouTube

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  • From 0 Views to 1,000,000’s of Views
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  • From $0 on YouTube to $30,000+/Month Automatic Income 
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  • End Result => LIFETIME OF FREEDOM! 

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Making Money on YouTube

Exceeded My Expectations!

Making money on YouTube is MORE FUN than I thought!

Do what you love, help people and get paid well… What else could you ask for? 🙂

Making money on YouTube has been much more fun that I could have even imagined.

Roope Kiuttu  //  Creator of Tube Journey To Freedom

Over $5,000 for ONE Video

I have a video that has generated me already over $857 in YouTube Ads (See the proof) and much more money from affiliate sales.

AND… it still keeps on generating me money every single day even though I published the video over 2 years ago.

That ONE video will generate me over $5,000 in total over the time course!

Of course, that is just beautiful highlight, and obviously not every video will be that successful but I hope you’ll start understanding the power of YouTube.

$600 for 1,400 Views

Once I published a video that got less than 1,400 views… Guess how much money that video generated?

Over $600 for 1,400 views! That’s almost $0.50 for every view.

Even though every video isn’t going to deliver you such results, this example illustrates that you don’t need millions of views to make money on YouTube.

Set Up the Automatic Income System 

Videos that I’ve published 3-4 years ago are still generating me money every single day.


You do the work today and you’ll earn money every single day on AUTOPILOTfor years.

How does that feel? 🙂

I can already tell you that it feels AWESOME!

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