My #1 Secret to Making Money Online! (And Why 99% Of People Fail)

Congratulations again for your decision to go premium! Let me share you a story.

When I started my online business I thought like this, “I am going to write a few blog posts, share the post on Facebook to my friends, add affiliate links and the money will start flowing in.”

Thinking that way almost made me almost quit and completely fail with making money online! Let me explain more on this further.

I also started a YouTube channel. I published 4 videos and started waiting for views and ad revenue. Do you know what happened? Nothing. Those videos have until today probably less than 1,000 views and I probably didn’t earn a dime.

I almost fell to the same mistake that 99% of people who try to make money online fall. But finally I figured out the “secret to online success.”

Why Most People Fail? – They Quit Too Early

Let me show you a few pictures:

Secret to success
Daily Visitors on One of My Websites
Secret to success
Monthly Visitors on One of My Websites
The Growth on My YouTube Channel

Do you see how small the beginning was on all of these graphs. Then little by little it started growing exponentially. One of the greatest thing with making money online is actually exponential growth. Things may start slowly but when you get the ball rolling things get pretty exciting.

Imagine how many people quit when they don’t see immediate results. On the other hand, it’s impossible to beat a person who never gives up.

One of my friends started a YouTube channel some years ago. He said that the progress at the beginning was very slow. He didn’t see almost any results during the first 6 months. But then something started happening. The videos started getting more and more views and YouTube also ranked the videos higher because they saw he was consistent. Nowadays the channels has received tens of millions of views and it’s making pretty nice income.

Remember Always 3 P’s!

When you start making money online and building an online business you don’t often see immediate results. But every seed that you sow in the ground will bring in something in the future. Kyle from Wealthy Affiliate and other mentors always used to say me, “Roope, often results come with 3-6 months delay, sometimes the delay is even longer.”

Kyle has 15 years of experience of online businesses so I decided to trust his words. And he was right! I started getting traffic from Google to my websites and income started growing.

One of the most famous motivational speakers of all time, Les Brown, said, “You must be:

  1. Patient.
  2. Persistent.
  3. Positive.

No matter what happens, you must remember those 3 P’s. Sometimes you don’t get immediate results but be patient because they will come if you are putting in the work.

Success Is 100% Guaranteed If You Don’t Give Up

I realized early on that there are only 3 steps for making big money online:

  1. Start the journey.
  2. Always learn and move forward.
  3. Never give up.

You have the most important step which is starting. A big part of people don’t ever take it for whatever reason.

The second step is to always learn and move forward. Wealthy Affiliate is a wonderful training and platform because they provide the education you need to make money online. You just need to put it into action.

If you ever get stuck, I recommend asking help. Then you’ll get support and you can again move forward.

The third step is what most people forget. Never Give Up. Do you remember my story? I almost gave up because I didn’t see immediate results. But I’m glad that I kept on going. I asked help from more experience online entrepreneurs inside Wealthy Affiliate and they helped me out. I’m always thankful for them.

Next Steps for You

Now that you know the right mindset to succeed, I advise you to get into the practical training on Wealthy Affiliate. Put things powerfully into action and you will succeed.

In the end, I would like to share one of my favorite pictures:

Is SurveySheep a Scam or Legit
“We see their glory but don’t understand the story.”

I hope you have found this bonus extremely helpful and it will help you to succeed online. Send me a message within WA if you ever need help to move forward.