Is EdX Legit? [Best Alternative For Expensive Colleges?!]

Is EdX Legit? Is It The Best Alternative For Expensive Colleges Online? Read My Comprehensive, Brutally Honest Review About The Platform & How You Can Benefit. Click Here To Read The Post.
Is EdX Legit? Is It The Best Alternative For Expensive Colleges Online? Read My Comprehensive, Brutally Honest Review About The Platform & How You Can Benefit. Click Here To Read The Post.

Welcome to my EdX Review!

Is EdX legit? This is the question we have to know in this post. So, you better stay tuned through the end of the post to learn whether joining this platform is a good investment for you or not.

Just so you know, we have reviewed a lot of companies and private individuals with influence. From how we see it, there are many of those that look legit but actually weren’t. Regarding the new education company, we’ll review and learn it.

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EdX Review - Quick Summary

Name: EdX

Founded: 2012

Founder: Anant Agarwal

Type: Open Online Course Company

Price: Free to $300 depending on the course

Best for: People who want to learn more about a certain field of expertise through online courses. An alternative to a traditional college class, EdX provides a channel for professors to conduct distance learning to students with certification. In turn, students can maximize their skills in exchange for earning a verifiable certification of completion (for paid courses).

Is EdX Legit? Is It The Best Alternative For Expensive Colleges Online? Read My Comprehensive, Brutally Honest Review About The Platform & How You Can Benefit. Click Here To Read The Post.

Summary: EdX is an open online course provider, which is currently considered as alternative college courses. Its wide range of topics attracts most students, who want to extend their learning online. On top of that, they enjoy the free and paid options with an issuable and verifiable certification issued by the school.

Is EdX Recommended? Yes, if you want to learn more than what you did in the university and to upgrade your high-income skills. To make these applicable to the money-making process, click the green button to get started.


What Is EdX? 

Established in 2012, Anant Agarwal founded EdX with the help of the founding universities Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 

With its similarities to typical long-distance learning, he created a platform for its target market to extend their learning opportunities in a wide range of topics. 

The thing that sets apart from the typical long-distance learning is that the courses aren’t expensive and oftentimes revolves around the defined beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes.

Also, there is an option for free classes to provide a feel for the online classroom environment. When the student likes the vibe and chooses to pay between $50 to $300 depending on the course type, the school-in-charge can issue a verifiable certificate. If he uses that for applying for jobs, the school can verify it.

To date, EdX has collaborated with the University of California Berkeley, The University of Texas System, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, The University of British Columbia, among others.

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There are already 14 million students enrolled with around 1,800 courses offered across different universities around the world.

Among those courses, the following are the most popular choices:

  • Computer Science
  • Business & Management
  • Language
  • Engineering
  • Data Science
  • Humanities

How Does EdX Work?

EdX works as an online learning platform. If you want to learn more about Psychology or Entrepreneurship, for example, you can start the journey by signing up.

Once your application is approved, you can hover through the list of available classes and choose whether you’re willing to pay or not...yet. 

If you choose the former, you can start without paying anything and start learning the course you have chosen.

Since it’s for free, you can’t enjoy the features intended for the paid version. Yet, you still benefit from the classes and notes given to you, as well as the assignments you need to accomplish per week. 

In general, it does feel like you’re in an online classroom. Hence, you need to be dedicated to finishing the course requirements even if you joined the class for free.

Once you get in there with the paid version, you can maximize the online community as well as the interaction with the professor. 

On top of that, you can get the issuable certificate, which is necessary for building your resume for job hunting.

How to Make Money with EdX?

As I mentioned on various learning platforms, you can take the money-making process in different perspectives.

In the case of EdX, you can make money in terms of simply upgrading your high-income skills to attract more income or you can apply to become one of their affiliates. 

Is EdX Legit Affiliate

Benefits you'd get when you become one of EdX affiliates

The second option involves the third-party platform just as Coursera relies on Rakuten Marketing for its affiliate membership. You need to get the approval of the platform before you start earning commissions from EdX.  

Unlike the other affiliate membership, Awim asks $5 for its activation fee. According to the company’s page, they will refund the amount you paid during your first pay. T

hat means you have to wait for around 3 to 5 days before they approve your application and start earning. 

EdX [UGLY] Truths Revealed!

1. Lack Of Classroom Vibe For Free Courses

I tried EdX years ago to learn more about psychology and business subjects using the free version just to have a feel of the platform.

As much as it promises a decent curriculum to students like me, EdX makes it feel like you have to purchase the course to experience its features best.

You can’t interact with other students and the professor as well as access to some lessons unless if you pay for them.

2. No Special Offers Or Coupons

Unlike Udemy, its closest rival, EdX doesn’t offer special discounts or coupons to its courses.

Probably, that’s because it’s within the prerogative of the universities that handle the course resulting in its inability to provide limited discounts and such to its target market. 

3. $5 For Affiliate Activation Fee

In comparison to many education programs and third-party affiliate platforms, EdX relies on an affiliate middle person that asks for a small amount before your account activation.

Not only that amount you’re concerned of but also the approval. So, you have to wait for the next month (with uncertainty) to get the refund.

That is if you reach the threshold to redeem the amount in your account. Otherwise, you have to wait for the next few months before you get your $5 back.

4. Too Basic Courses

There are some courses in which it discusses too basic lessons that could be found on the internet. For instance, you want to learn about marketing.

From the course description, it guarantees you a comprehensive discussion about the subject. However, when you get into the classroom, you see the basic lessons, too basic to learn.

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On the brighter side, perhaps it’s included in the list for the sake of those who haven’t learned the subject per se and might want to have a prerequisite.

5. Terrible Customer Support

There are many dissatisfied students on one forum in which they pointed out EdX terrible customer service, especially the non-existence of the telephone number to call for concerns and other inevitable issues on joining classes.

"It takes ages for them to respond to an email. Their platform was down at the time of the test for a course I had paid for $200 and was showing a message that the EdX staff were working to fix," a student named MK wrote on the forum.

What I Like About EdX?

1. Learning Opportunities

You certainly learn a lot when you go to EdX for online learning. For free courses, although limited, you still grasp the basics of the subject regardless of its category and the school in-charge.

I used the above-mentioned platform to learn entrepreneurship and psychology as an extension to my knowledge base and so far, EdX has done a great job on that.

2. High Ratings

The SiteJabber, as well as TrustPilot, showed the summary of satisfaction from EdX target market, which is quite high for an online learning platform.

Although it fails to satisfy the audience on HighYa, EdX obviously managed to get an average of 4.5 out of 5 customer rating based on the services it offers and how these people felt satisfied with the learning per se. 

Is EdX Legit SiteJabber-min

EdX earns high rating from forums like SiteJabber

3. Available In Other Languages

According to one user named Cary, he loves EdX because of the diversity of courses he can choose from legit partners.

It's a plus point for him that it also caters to the non-English-speaking students by having some of the lessons translated to other languages. 

4. Verified Certification

By simply paying the course ranging from $50 to $300 you can have an issuable certification from the school proving you’ve taken the subject.

Whenever you apply for jobs, you can present these records and the company you’re applying can verify that you’ve studied the course Harvard University offered, for example.

EdX Review - What Others Say?

Alex, another student, supported the review by saying, "I have done 2 classes through EdX so far and they have been powerful.

The classes are really interesting and the way they are set up for new students to follow. I would definitely recommend people [to] check it out." 

Ashley also wrote the same in which she described her overall experience with the program as a brilliant learning resource.

"I especially like the fact that, for the courses that interest me, you can upgrade to a verified certification when it suits you."

On the other hand, there are a few students who wrote their dissatisfaction on forums sharing about how they felt EdX as a form of a scam.

Is EdX Legit Positive Reviews

Some of the splurging positive reviews of EdX on different forums

"Two courses so far and very sloppy, full of text errors, instructors are brief, navigating the platform is confusing and seeing your grades or progress is confusing as well. Seems like a massive scam to me. Very frustrated indeed," he wrote. 

There are also some who complained about the outdated information discussed in the course, which they also find frustrating since they invested a lot of money to learn new stuff on the subject.

Is EdX Legit Negative Reviews

Most negative reviews of EdX concern about the sloppy lessons, outdated information, and bugs especially during examination dates resulting in failure among students.

Is EdX Legit?

Based on the resources I’ve got and my personal experience with the platform, there’s no doubt that EdX is a legitimate open online course company students (like me) should maximize to upgrade their high-income skills.

Through learning different things, it widens our knowledge base be it for free and paid versions. It doesn’t matter.

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Now that I shared my thoughts in my “Is EdX Legit?” post, it’s time to turn the table and ask about your experience, in general.

What kinds of experiences do you have with EdX? Is it worth your time, money, and effort?

Do you prefer to begin earning your first passive income through affiliate marketing or you rather invest your time, money, and effort to income-generating opportunities like this?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

If you need any help to get started making money online, don't hesitate to ask in the comments below and we'll be happy to help you out! 

By Mecyll Gaspary

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