5 Tips to use the
Ultimate bitcoin guide
to get the maximum benefit

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Here are 5 tips for using my ULTIMATE BITCOIN GUIDE:


You'll want to use the guide again and again to get the maximum benefits.

2) Get all the BEST BONUSES 

When you sign up for a new website, they give you nice bonuses & FREE Money.

=> Take advantage of all of them.

3) FOCUS on the Best APPS for You

There are over 20 apps that you can use to make money. Each one has different benefits. Pick the ones that are the BEST FOR YOUR NEEDS and focus on them consistently. 

4) Watch my CLICK-BY-CLICK Tutorials

I've prepared CLICK-BY-CLICK video tutorials to help you to get started with each platform and how to make money. Watch my tutorials to learn more!

5) Get Support!

I'll send you an email tomorrow with 4 tips on how you can get support when you make money with these apps.

Watch your inbox like a hawk and make sure to get support if you ever need help!

Talk to you soon!

- Roope

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