Foap App Review – Make Money by Taking Pictures with Your Smartphone

Foap App Review

Have you been looking for ways to earn money with your smartphone? Or are you interested in making money online by photographing?

In this Foap app review, I will show you how this interesting app works and how you could make money with it. I’ll also discuss the earning potential and take a look whether it’s worth the time.

Foap App Review

Name: Foap

Cost: Free

Type: Mobile App / Stock Pictures

Short Review: Foap is certainly a legitimate website and it has gained lots of popularit during the past few years. It’s a unique concept because you could earn money by taking pictures with your smartphone. However, notice that low-quality pictures won’t sell and you need lots of skills to earn big money with this kind of apps.

The market is very saturated and there are thousands of new pictures uploaded every day. Still, there’s always potential. If you are dreaming about a full-time income online, remember that it most likely take years of work with Foap.

If you are looking for more profitable ways to earn money online, I recommend having a look at this step-by-step training (it’s completely free to get started). 

foap app review
Foap Homepage is stylish and enticing.

What is Foap All About?

Foap is an app where you can upload your pictures and other users can buy them for $10. It’s like a huge marketplace of pictures where pictures can be bought freely. You can buy the pictures that you need at a cheap price and people can buy your pictures so you can earn some extra money.

The process of earning money happens in the following way:

1.Register and fill in your personal information.

2.Upload pictures.

3.Somebody buys a picture for $10.

4.You earn $5 and Foap earns $5.

The process is very simple and easy. It takes only 5 minutes to register and upload your first pictures to Foap and then they are there for anyone to buy. Is it really so easy to make money with Foap? Unfortunately not. If it would be so easy, everybody would be doing it.

But wait a minute… Many people are actually doing it. There are thousands and thousands of people (if not millions) using Foap so your pictures will have lots of competition. But don’t be discouraged because competition means that somebody is making money there.

Who is Foap For?

Foap is designed for anyone who wants to make extra income by taking pictures by a phone. If you want to get rich quick, then it’s not for you. If you want to make big income online, there are better possibilities on the Internet.

foap app review
Foap has photographers from all around the world.

How to Get Found in Foap?

First of all, you need to fill all your personal information so your pictures can get exposed to others well. Then you need to have a verified PayPal-account. If you earn some money in Foap, they will pay it to your PayPal-account.

When you upload pictures to Foap, you will need to set at least 5 tags in order to be found. But don’t worry about this because the app will automatically suggest you relevant tags that you could add.

Then I suggest you upload many, I mean MANY pictures. I saw some people who had even thousands of pictures uploaded. Compare your changes to get found with 10 or 1,000 pictures.

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Foap is really a community so in order to get found, communicate others. Rate pictures, leave comments and start following other “Foapers”

Can I make Big Money with Foap?

Yes and no.

First of all, it depends on what you mean with big money. Second, it seems that there are people who are making good amounts of money with Foap but I guess that they are VERY few. And they have probably used huge amounts of time to take and upload their pictures. Probably many of them would have just earned much better by having a real job (as a photographer, for example).

It would be interesting to make an experiment of using Foap 40h/week and see how much income that would make. I am not ready to take that risk of losing my time. But if you like taking pictures, uploading them to other people and you have some extra time, why not.

It’s good to know that there are some scammers in the industry that you can easily make thousands of dollars per month just by uploading your pictures on different photo banks. It’s completely possible to make $10,000/month online with affiliate marketing but I don’t know anyone who would be making such income by selling stock photos.

However, below you can see the video which shows you some examples of the people who are earning even thousands of dollars with Foap. But the story doesn’t tell how much time and effort they have put to make that income.

What Kind of Pictures Sell in Foap?

After reading a couple of articles about the subject and listening to people who well I can give you a few tips on selling pictures in Foap.

Any kind of pictures sell. People and companies just have different needs when they are buying pictures. Some people like more landscapes, some like romantic pictures, some like little details and so on.

Pros say that “people” and “business” pictures sell especially well on photo banks.

If you can catch a precious moment where is a lot of human feeling, that could sell well? I think it’s because people can relate to the pictures and us humans are social creatures.

And of course, you want to have pictures with a good quality. Compare two pictures below. You may imagine which one of those two pictures would sell better. Better camera -> better pictures -> better income in Foap.

Foap App Review
Low-Quality Picture


Foap App Review
High-Quality Picture

Understand Your Audience

In any kind of selling and business, it’s important to understand who are you targeting. Are you targeting toothpaste companies, young families, retired people or whatever? Just define who is your audience.

Then post relevant content (which is in this case pictures) that your audience is interested in. When you are tagging your pictures, think what kind of pictures people are looking for. Would they really pay for it?

Take a habit of posting content regularly. One picture a day makes 365 pictures in a year and over 1,000 pictures in three years. And it only takes less than 30 seconds a day (with a little bit optimistic estimation). Remember that if you don’t upload a picture, it won’t get sold.

Conclusion – Is Foap Worth It?

I like the idea behind Foap. People can earn some money while taking pictures and companies that need high-quality pictures, get them for a cheap price. (At the same time Foap takes it’s own commissions and the founders become rich 😉

However, after trying Foap for a while, I decided not use more time on this. My goal is to generate good passive income streams but I think that Foap is not the best for that purpose. Time/earning ratio isn’t most likely as good like with affiliate marketing.

I keep on concentrating on affiliate marketing and putting Wealthy Affiliate’s step-by-step training into practice. It works even better than I have expected and I have exceeded my goals this year. If you would like to learn it as well, I will give you my full support and

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Have you used Foap or some other photo banks?

Do you use other ways to make money online with photographing?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

By Roope Kiuttu

Hello! I am Roope "Robert" Kiuttu, the founder and owner of I created this website back in 2015 to help you to make money online. You can ask me anything and I'll be happy to help you out. I help people daily to make more money online and I love seeing people succeeding. If you want to get my 1-on-1 support and help to make money online as well, get started HERE.


  1. Not a bad idea but I think it has limitations. I think you need to be able to take interesting images and know how to edit them.I think you can make a good beer money coins from this. What I don’t like from this, is there is no certainty from this. You can’t really rely on this because your pictures may never be bought, or they maybe bought after a few days, weeks,months or years. You just never know.

  2. I have never used this app before but it seems interesting. I like taking pictures of landscapes and people’s experiences especially since I travel quite a lot, but only through my phone. I guess this would be awesome for people who are interested in earning just a few bucks and love to share to others photos they have taken. If earning real money is the main goal, then I guess this is not much of an option. From you review, it looks like this is more of having fun than gaining income kind of app.

    1. I completely agree with your analysis. Earning potential with this app isn’t as big as with other online opportunities but you can still earn some money if you are persistent. And as the videos showed, if you keep on doing it for a very long time, you may even make a living.

  3. I have never used Foap nor other photo banks before and don’t make money with photographing at all. I don’t do photograph-related jobs both online and offline. I have been a writer and publisher for sites like Google, Fiverr, and the likes. I have so much passion for writing and am good at referral programs. I simply make some little cash posting on forums and commenting on blogs, but am still in search for better ways to make money online.

    If making money with Wealthy Affiliate is totally free, then I would be interested in starting the free training. I also know that affiliate marketing is quite awesome and has almost the greatest earning potential of all money making sites online.

    1. Yeah, you can start Wealthy Affiliate training for completely free. Your earnings will completely depend on your work and efforts. I used their free membership for 1-2 months and then upgraded to premium because it offers me much more tools to take my online business to the next level.

      I am still a happy premium member in Wealthy Affiliate. The membership costs less than $1 per day but it gives me tools to run a full-time online business.

  4. This is an interesting idea. I think I can’t take good pictures but if somebody takes them as a hobby and – as you say – uploads one a day or even more, they might make some money with this site. If you take the pictures during your everyday life (not waste time looking for things to photograph), it could be a good idea to upload them to this app.

    1. True. I think making money with Foap app and similar apps could feel effortless if you make it a habit of taking pictures every day and uploading them right away. Of course, it requires lots of time and repetition but if you make it a habit, it becomes much easier.

  5. It is amazing that Foap App can really pay for those that have got the skill to take pictures and make money out of it. I think the basic thing here that they actually pay those that work on their site and it is not a bad try for anyone living in a cheap country.

    I think I am quite interested in joining your wealthy affiliate mentorship team, I am hopeful that I can earn more learning from someone that has learnt a lot by working on the internet.

    1. Foap is certainly an interesting app. Earning money online is more exciting when living in a cheap country because then you can save more money or have a better quality of living. That’s why I am moving soon from Austria to Bulgaria 🙂

      Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate! I would be more than happy to help you succeed online. I am glad to help people who are willing to succeed and put in the work. It definitely pays off. I admire people who produce something valuable for this work.

  6. Hi Roope,
    It is nice to know that there is an app free like “Foap”. I’m always searching that kind of apps. I love taking pictures and that is my hobby. I would like to ask something, taking pictures is only applicable to Smartphone? Can I use DSLR camera instead? I will download and explore it later.

    Yes I think there is not so much money will earn in foap but at least if you’re lucky and your pictures are really good there is a big chance why not try it right? Good share Roope thank you.

    1. Hi Honeybabe,

      you should be able to upload also pictures that are taking with DSLR-camera. I guess that they will also sell better because of a better quality.

      Yes, there is a chance to earn good money but you really need to work hard. So don’t expect any significant earnings during the first months/year. You need to be persistent to take significant money with photo banks but it’s certainly possible.

  7. This is the first time I heard about Foap. It sounds easy but it’s actually tedious. Imagine taking thousands of pictures, which can’t obviously be done in one sitting, especially for quality outputs. Another thing to consider is that a quality picture can’t be taken that easily in just one shot. It sometimes takes more than that.

    I’ve seen an app quite similar to this. It’s called Snap Cart. A friend told me about it. You will also take pictures. The only difference is that you only take pictures of receipts, then you upload it. I did not register in Snap Cart though. I read reviews first before trying something. The rating is below 4. It’s kinda low. I’ve seen a lot of people complaining about not getting paid at all. Foap may not be an easy way to earn money on a regular basis but at least they pay honestly. That’s a good thing. Based on your review, I can say that Foap can be a fun way for passionate photographers to earn.

    1. I haven’t heard of Snap Cart before but I’ve seen some similar apps. Usually, it’s possible to save some money with them but the earning potential is quite low so I don’t bother to spend my time with them. I always remember Robert Kiyosaki’s wisdom, “The rich look for discounts in the stock and real estate market while the poor look for discount in the supermarket.” 😉

  8. Another great app I recently discovered is called Snapwire. They have daily challenges and you can work your way up to pro level to make really big bucks. The going rate for a pic to a challenge is $75, these change daily so you won’t get bored snapping away for cash,

    1. I quickly checked out Snapwire. It seems that there really is some earning potential but you need to have a professional skills and equipment to produce so high-quality photos. I will take a closer look at it later and write an article about it then.

  9. Wow nice share and review Mr. Roope this is my very first time to hear. Earning money just by taking picture? Really interesting and this is best for people who are fund of taking pictures. I really expect that there is no much money on it but the thing how you earn is very impressive and new to hear. Great Review and thank you.

    1. Hi Jemuel,

      yeah, making money online with pictures is an interesting idea. I heard about it around one year ago for the first time. However, I haven’t really used that opportunity because I have been concentrating on other things.

      My friend said that “the boat has a little bit gone” already with selling stock picture because they are already saturated with so much competition. However, I believe that there are still lots of opportunities. Also, my friend who said it is currently adding pictures to stock banks 😉

      1. I thought this was just a new concept of earning money online and i am expecting already about the competition. I think if i will try to submit a piece of pic this would not be entertained because of so many senders. Because of many submitted photos rate will be lowered. Yes there are lots of opportunities to spend with over the internet than this.

  10. Hi Roope,
    Another way to earn extra cash through your smartphone is MooCash. It is an app allowing users to earn coins and exchange them into free talktime, gift checks and paypal withdrawals.

  11. I had no idea this app even existed. What a great idea. While I am sure it would take time to make money from such an app, I have thousands of travel pictures thatI think would be useful to other people.

    I am really glad I stumbled upon this site.

    Thanks for the info.


    1. Hi Adam,

      you can definitely give Foap a try and upload your travel pictures. I want to remind you that if you want to make money with the app it takes time and effort. There is no free lunch :). The same applies to making money online in general as you probably already know.


  12. I downloaded this app when I first found out about it. If you already use social media sites then it will easy to use and set up a Foap account. If you like to look at pictures and rate some then that could be a fun way to use the app. I am the type of guy that takes pictures whenever I see something cool, having foap and being able to upload it for possible money I think is awesome, but yes it is hard to make the “big bucks” with it.

    1. Hi Albert,

      Yes, starting to use Foap is really easy like you said. I am glad to hear about your experiences when using the app. A possibility to earn money by taking pictures with a smartphone is definitely interesting and that’s probably the main reason that so many people are using this app. But if somebody wants to earn really good money, then they should forget Foap and go for something else ;).

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